It’s a Christmas miracle! We’ll show you how to fold just one napkin into the cutest tree to decorate your holiday table—and to do it in less than 5 minutes.

Materials Needed: 1 20-inch square cloth napkin & 1 paper clip

Completely unfold napkin.

Fold in half.

Fold in half again and turn.

Fold first point up but not covering the bottom one.

Repeat with second.

and the last one.

Flip over and smooth.

Bring one corner to touch the opposite side.

Then repeat with other side to form a little cup.

Now, flip back over again with blunt side facing away.

Fold first point up.

Fold up next tip, but tuck into bottom of the first fold.

Continue to fold and tuck.


Almost done!

Flip over and use the paper clip to secure the two folds together.

Just like so.

Start to round out the bottom to form a base for the tree.

Continue to shape and round out.

When it stands by itself, add a napkin ring decoration as the star.