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About Planters

Plants and flowers instantly add fresh life to your outdoor patio setup! The right foliage, an overflowing vase, or the perfect hanging basket of blooms can give your outdoor space the lush feel of a gorgeous and welcoming garden landscape.

You can never have too many plants outside. Elevate your outdoor space and complement the greenery with the perfect collection of plants and pots.

At, we have a vast and versatile collection of pots and planters perfect for every kind of space. We have something for everyone, whether you want rustic flavor or elegant minimalist planters. You can select a collection of pots and containers or mix and match them to create your perfect outdoor space. 

Are you looking for planters for your patio? We’ve got a wide variety. Here are some essential tips when selecting the perfect planters for you!

Always consider the look and feel of your space. Keep your planters and pots true to your theme. If you are creating a more industrial outdoor space, you may want to consider planters in galvanized or distressed finishes. An outdoor space inspired by nature would look great with baskets and natural weaves. 

Another important reminder is to consider the restrictions of your space. When choosing planters for your patio, you’ll want to consider the vessel’s versatility and durability alongside its aesthetic contributions. Various materials and finishes will require different levels of care so try to determine what you’re looking for when choosing.

And lastly, be sure to consider the types of plants you want. Trailing blooms and foliage look lovely in hanging containers, while luscious and impressive plants like Monsteras and Sansevierias are perfect in large and tall planters. If you want to showcase several plants together, you can also opt for sets of two or three or multi-level planters. has all the perfect planters for your patio needs. With the right pots, containers, and the perfect plants, you will be well on creating your dream outdoor oasis.