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Explore 2024 Color trends from Pantones color of the year Peach Fuzz , to earthy greens or maybe the bold neutrality of Black is the trend for you. Pier 1 brings you some of this years inspiring hues in home decor to paint the year with creative joy. We'll explore how these hues can be incorporated to different corners of your home, from the living room to the bedroom, and even fragrance and scents that match the color themes to create your dream 2024 space. Let's dive into Pier 1's collections that bring these colors to life in your home



Peach Fuzz: A Touch of Warmth and Optimism

Peach Fuzz, the Pantone Color of the Year for 2024, is a hue that radiates warmth, comfort, and a sense of optimism. This delightful, soft orange with pink undertones is perfect for creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Imagine draping a Peach Fuzz throw from Pier 1 over your sofa or adding breathtaking art featuring  this cheerful shade. It's a color that works beautifully with both light and dark tones, offering versatility and warmth.



 Ward Fabric Upholstered Accent Chair Dining Chair

 Make Peach Fuzz the whole theme for your space or choose a few key pieces to accent your existing decor. Statement pieces are perfect conversation starters or if you feel like adding just a hint of color, smaller decor items like flowers are great for subtle whimsy. Faux florals, wreaths - rugs , planters and even decorative bowls, Peach Fuzz is fun and fresh and makes us feel warm and well......fuzzy.


Dreamy Floral Canvas Giclee Wall Art

 If you are more of a fragrance enthusiast, choose a scent that represents Peach Fuzz like Pier 1 signature scent Ginger Peach. You can keep your classic style without completely redecorating and still be inspired by the hue with a happy aroma that fills your space with the energy of peach fuzz.



 Pier 1 Ginger Peach® Reed Diffuser 10 oz


Earthy Green: Back to Nature

Earthy green is the color of renewal, balance, and harmony. It’s the essence of nature brought into your home. Think of a serene bedroom with earthy green walls, complemented by Pier 1’s natural wood furniture and a variety of indoor plants. This color promotes tranquility and a sense of connection with the natural world. From sage to olive, these hues pair wonderfully with natural materials like wood, stone, and linen, creating a calming oasis in any space.

Green Landscape Canvas Giclee Wall Art

Green Landscape Canvas Giclee

 Liven up the view with pops of green tinted glass. These choices are bright and happy and let the light shine through. Just like fresh leaves unfurling in spring a crisp green will be refreshing to gaze upon in your decorscape.

Sage Ribbed Glass Bottle Neck Vase 10" VasesSage Ribbed Glass Bottle Neck Vase

 Cozy, yet light, a throw blanket with mostly green in the pattern is an easy way to introduce the green theme into any room - whats more the function is a added bonus way to cuddle up to color. Drape over the back of a chair, over the arm of a sofa or at the end of your bed.



 Hand loomed Diamond 100% Cotton Throw Throw Blankets

 Hand loomed Diamond 100% Cotton Throw

 Feeling zesty? Go full on furniture style! For the go big - or - go home type of decorista, get a happy green lounge chair to get in the color theme spirit. If it is your only piece that takes center stage or if you really went all in and redid the whole room in green, you can be sure an accent chair or large furniture piece is the most exciting way to complete the look.


32" Round Lounge Chair with Throw Pillow, Forest Green Accent Chairs32" Round Lounge Chair with Throw Pillow, Forest Green


Bold Neutral: Embrace the Elegance of Black

Black as a bold neutral is a trendsetter in 2024. It brings an edge of sophistication and modernity. Incorporate black through Pier 1's elegant dining chairs or striking wall art. Black works as a powerful statement color or a subtle accent, depending on its use. It pairs wonderfully with metallic accents, glass decor, and can also soften when juxtaposed with warmer tones like Peach Fuzz or vibrant earthy greens.




 If going all black is too dark and dramatic for your space, adding depth with hand picked items is a great option. Don't forget to find your ideal texture that fits your space - a black velvet can pair perfectly with glam where as black metal detailing on wooden furniture can lend itself better to a rustic decor.






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