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Your home has a signature look, thanks to your oh-so-chic and creative design choices. But, what about a signature scent? 

Enhance your home with fragrances that speak to your style to create a scent story that is yours and yours alone -- and that your guests will always remember. 

But which home fragrances should you choose? Lucky for you, there is no need to stick with only one. Just like the way you mix and match your decor, you can also layer fragrances for a multi-dimensional sensory experience.  

Find Your Fragrance 

Browse through our curated collection of signature candles, reed diffusers, and room spray fragrances to find your favorite fragrances. 

Cuban Vanilla

We blended rich and smoky vanilla and a zing of tangerine with deep mahogany and sandalwood, then grounded it in earthy cashmere, nutty tonka beans, and warm baltic amber. A soothing fragrance for your entryway and entertaining spaces. 

“A breath of vanilla,” says Timothy T. Teresa C. adds, “Finally a vanilla that doesn’t smell like cookies or kitchen. It has a woodsy smell.” 

Evergreen + Eucalyptus

Capture the essence of a day well-spent snowshoeing through the forest on a bright winter day. Invigorating pine and minty eucalyptus over spicy patchouli and refreshing cedar leaf create nostalgic fragrances of freshly cut evergreen. A woodsy and welcoming fragrance for your entryway or living room. 

Ginger Peach

This is what a light and breezy summer day smells like. Juicy ripe August peaches warmed up with a kick of ginger over soothing black tea. Use in your entryway or kitchen to create a welcoming ambiance. 

“Just amongst the BEST. This fragrance is more of a state of being! Anyone that enters my home is in love with its notes. I'll never stop using it (in my car, too!)!” - Cheryl W. 

Island Orchard

If tropical flowers and fruits could mambo in the breezy ocean air, it would smell like this sweet and refreshing fragrance. Exotic pineapple, mango, and fresh papaya with flowering quince take you on a lush island escape any time of year. An alluring scent for your kitchen or bathroom. 

Pink Champagne

Get the intoxicating experience of effervescent pink bubbles without ever popping a cork. An exhilarating blend of fruity grapefruit sweetened with juicy ripe strawberry and zippy citrus notes. A pleasing scent for the bathroom or kitchen. 

Sea Air

Hear the crash of the waves. Feel the wind in your hair, your toes in the sand, and the sun on your back. Escape seaside with exotic jasmine, romantic gardenia, and sweet white lilac, freshened up with a squeeze of crisp peach. Create a coastal retreat in your bedroom or any room in your home with this refreshing fragrance. 

“Very fresh and I have a "coastal" decor room and it fits in nicely.  Guests want to know what the smell is.” - Trula L. 

Vintage Linens

Light orange blossom, sweet citrusy mimosa, and fresh white hyacinth over rose petals, refreshing night-blooming jasmine, and crisp white peach create this timeless fragrance of crisp laundered linens. Lovely in your bedroom or as a closet refresher. 

A clean crisp scent I love in my master bedroom and guest room and bathroom....” Stephanie J. 

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