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DIY: Unique Ways to Create A Personalized Thanksgiving Table

Adding a personalized moment to your Thanksgiving tables is a fun and easy way to include a thoughtful touch and a great conversation starter. Read on to see some of our favorite ways to put a unique spin onto your tables this year. 

Make Place Cards 

Creating personalized place cards is a great way to infuse thoughtful touches around the table.. The best part is, they don’t need to be intricate or complicated and they’re the perfect thing to create if time isn’t on your side 

  • Go Natural: Cut simple rectangles out of cardstock. An easy way to make these more decorative is to layer them on top of a larger, colored piece of paper. There are so many ways to make these simple name tags feel special which you can easily turn into a fun activity for the whole family. Forage for some acorns or pinecones and tie your place cards to them with some decorative ribbon or twine. Have mini pumpkins? They’ll work just the same! 
  • Take it up a Notch: If you want your place cards to stand up on their own, try a fold over/tented option. Simply cut a larger piece of cardstock and fold down the middle so they prop themselves up. Personalize the place card by adding guests’ names in calligraphy and add ribbon, stickers, or anything your heart desires and simply place on top of or behind the plate so your guests can easily find their seats! 
    • Place fun ornaments that speak to your family members' unique personalities at each place setting and have them guess which seat is theirs based on the ornament. The ornaments can also act as a fun takeaway for your guests, too!

    Napkin Origami

    Yes, it might sound crazy but, making designs and 3D figures with napkins adds an impressive and inexpensive wow-factor. With just a bit of elbow grease, creativity, and a whole lot of imagination, you’ll be able to turn your favorite napkins into something extraordinary. We promise, you don't have to be a napkin folding professional to bring these amazing designs to life. Anyone can fold their way to creating a unique napkin masterpiece, no experience needed (or fancy supplies)! 

    These fun napkin folds can accentuate a simple name tag or an elaborate menu!  Add a menu in the sleeve of the napkin or take your place cards to the next level by tying it onto your gorgeous napkins with this simple origami tutorial.