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How To: Making the Kids Table All the Rage

With a mix of kid-friendly dinnerware and fun tabletop activities, the kids’ table will be the most coveted sit spot in the house. Sorry, no grown-ups allowed.

Fun things first

Waiting on that oven timer is the worst—especially for pint-sized party guests. Luckily, a little butcher paper goes a long way. So does a little creativity—in this case, drawing a simple box that kids can fill in to create their own place card. Ah, nothing beats the sound of silence and furious scribbling while you wait for dinner!

Big kids love to remind you that they’re no longer babies—but that doesn’t mean they’ve earned trusted-with-my-fine-china status. Set a table  that mixes whimsical ceramics with durable materials. Acrylic and covered copper drinkware complete this tot-friendly look.

Anything that makes the meal fun and interactive is a winner. Repurpose a turntable for centralized supply storage, with critter mugs happily housing crayons. And for any parent who jumps at the chance to sneak in v-e-g-e-t-a-b-l-e-s, these turkey veggie cups are nothing short of genius.

Picky eaters in the house? They’ll gobble up these leaf-shaped cheese slices. Come to think of it, you might, too. 

The thankful tree


Get your littles into the spirit of the day with a craft that explores what they’re thankful for (or, if they don’t understand “thankful,” ask them to write down things they like). Build your tree with branchy stems and a vase. Then all you need is paper, scissors, crayons, clothespins and tiny hands.