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Creative Small-Space Storage Solutions

Living large in a small space? Whether you’re in a cozy apartment, a tiny home, or an older home with of-the-era charming-sized rooms, your storage choices are likely at a premium. But don’t worry, your square footage scarcity is no match for these clever storage solutions that put every inch of available space to work for you. 

Create a Closet Stand-in

If your small space is calling for a dedicated closet or drop zone at the entryway, go ahead and create one. Wall-mounted storage cubbies have handy hooks for coats and scarves and convenient stash spots for bags and accessories and display your decorative art. Hang a column of metal wall shelves next to the door for easy access to keys and wallets and a wall magazine rack to hold and sort your mail. 

Organize Your Ottoman

Some things are pretty enough for open storage. Others, not so much. For the things you’d rather keep out of sight, a storage ottoman is a small-space quadruple threat: equal parts coffee table, footrest, extra seating, and enclosed storage. Topped with an accent tray or shallow basket to hold your remotes and magazines, no one will be any the wiser that your clutter is cleverly hidden inside. 

To keep the inside of a storage ottoman from becoming a free-for-all, use bins and baskets to keep everything tidy.


Boost Your Cabinets

There’s no need to accept your kitchen shelving status quo. If you still have vertical space left in your cabinets, add “helper shelves,” which are essentially shelves for shelves. These clever storage solutions give you space to stack even more dishes, spices, pots and pans, pantry essentials, and more. 

Ladder Your Look

Tall bookshelves are an obvious choice for beaucoup storage, but in a small space or room with a low ceiling, the towering stature can feel ominous. A ladder bookshelf still gives you tons of storage, while the narrow shelves at the top provide a lighter look and feel. 

Bank on Baskets

No matter the clutter conundrum, baskets are almost always the answer. Above your refrigerator? Baskets. On top of your cabinets? Baskets. Kids’ rooms? Baskets. 

We also like maximizing the space under the bed for linen storage with, you guessed it, baskets. You can even use baskets for vertical storage in your bathroom: use hooks to hang a column of 2-3 flexible baskets for towels and toiletries. 


Round Wicker Basket 

Suspend Your Cookware

Sometimes small kitchens call for big decisions: what to keep out and what to tuck away. Your pots and pans, for instance. You can totally display them, even if they’re not a matching set. After all, eclectic is a look and one we happen to love. A hanging pot rack has hooks to hold your cookware, utensils, and small cutting boards. If you don’t have the headspace for a pot rack, install a wall shelf with movable hooks and more enclosed storage. 

Display Your Jewelry 

In small spaces, everything needs to have a dual purpose. And if you thought your jewelry pulls together your outfits, just wait and see what it can do for your room. A wall jewelry organizer eliminates dresser-top jewelry storage and displays your pretty baubles for easy pondering. The mirror makes putting on your jewelry easy -- and your small space feel larger. 

Mirrored Jewelry Organizer

Float Your Nightstand

A floating shelf is a stylish and functional swap out for a nightstand, and it needs no floor space. Just hang the shelf at table height, and it’s ready for your reading lamp and books. Go minimalist with a single shelf, or step up your storage with a floating shelf with drawers and hooks. 

Store Over the Door

They say behind every door is an opportunity. For storage, that is. Over-the-door racks hang towels in your bathroom, robes and sweaters in your bedroom, scarves and belts in your closet, even tea towels, oven mitts, and aprons in the kitchen. 

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