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Thanksgiving: How to Dress Up Your Table So You Don't Have To

So, let’s be honest...When it comes to at-home Thanksgiving do you dress up or is it all about being cozy in your favorite pajama set? Your secrets are safe with us. However, there is one non-negotiable that we know you’ll agree with: Your table will most definitely be the best dressed. 

It’s no secret that we at Pier 1 are big fans of a well-dressed table. From linens and glassware to centerpieces and statement pieces, we’re always looking for stand-out details for the most memorable tablescapes.. Time to break out your favorite decor. Once you know where everything goes, add your own splash of creativity by mixing and matching plates, colorful glassware, or getting creative with unique napkin folds. We’re here to give you all the tips and tricks to make creating the perfect heart-warming fall tablescape as seamless as possible. Light your favorite fall candle and let’s get decorating.

Step 1: Perfecting the Basics

  1. Begin by laying out a fresh tablecloth or table runner. Though not necessary it’s always helpful to start with an eye-catching table runner or tablecloth to set the foundation..

  2. Place the dinner plate in the center of the table setting. To add another layer of sophistication add a place mat and/or charger beneath the dinner plate.
  3. Next, add the salad plate on top of the dinner plate. 
  4. Arrange your silverware: Set out your water and wine glasses. Get creative with your napkin and place it on top of the salad plate. Experiment with some different folds or use a statement napkin ring. 

Step 2: Add your Unique Touch

     1. Find the Perfect Centerpiece(s)

When it comes to the fall table, oh, as you know, you’ve got options here. A great choice for a fall centerpiece is a variety of pumpkin sizes grouped together. You can get creative with size, texture, and color to stylize it to your needs—mix in real pumpkins with glass pumpkins. Another great option when you’re in a bind is repurposing a wreath! Placing a wreath in the middle of your table is a great way to add color and flare to your tablescape. Have empty space? You can also spice up your table by adding design elements like twinkle lights, garlands, or florals to fill in any gaps, or to be the main attraction!

     2. Mix Prints, Colors, and Textures

Does your tablescape still need a wow-factor? A simple and effective way to add that

jaw-dropping touch is to play with prints, colors, and textures. Match colors, not prints. For example, prints in the same tonal range look more put-together. t.

  • Break up the look with solids.
  • Play with scale size in prints.
  • Match the same print in different colors.
  • Inverted color schemes are perfect for matching prints.
  • PSA: Textured fabric counts as a print.