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4 Home Interior Trends You Need to Try in 2022

With the pandemic dictating how we spent most of our time at home in 2021, fresh interior ideas were born as we shifted into a different way of living. Interior designers took on a challenge to change how we imagine a house with bold designs. This cultural shift resulted in interior trends that are now even more developed and exciting in 2022. We see familiar styles that are evolutions of past ones but are moving forward to a more personal transformation of our dwellings.

The new year calls for optimistic takes on interior styling that will make your abode a paradise and more. It’s about transforming spaces from functional to sacred in simple steps and vice versa. Take a peek at these top 5 home interior trends in 2022!

1. Cozy Details for a Homey Vibe

Everybody loves a cozy hideout to get away from life’s most demanding challenges. With most of us cocooned at home, this trend makes it even easier for relaxing in any room in the house and take your mind off the news. Achieve this by incorporating moody colors into your dwelling. Skip the blinding whites and go for warmer shades such as taupe, beige, and cream. Add a dash of greens and browns for the right accents. Don’t forget to make your flat feel even cozier with a scent that lifts the spirits!

Try this: 

  • Bring an inviting scent with a reed diffuser in Cuban Vanilla. It has notes of tangerine and mahogany wood, as well as a hint of Cuban vanilla and sandalwood. 
  • Keep the theme going with a Multi Brown Rag Rug, comfy for sitting on and sturdy enough to handle everyday wear and tear. 
  • Use the Paris chenille curtains for your privacy needs but with a soft look. It’s easy on the eyes in a calm aqua tone. 
  • Set the mood with just the right amount of warm light. This Natural Bamboo Wavy Ceiling Lamp radiates a soft glow in your space in a stylish, beach-ready vibe. 
  • Add a fuzzy detail to your living room with the Sherpa Tassel Fringe Neutral Single Throw. It suits any interior theme while keeping the mood light around the place!

 2. A Dash of Bold Hues and Patterns

Last year, we incorporated bright colors into our abodes. Turn up the energy in 2022 by adding bold patterns. Saturated hues will find their way into many of our beloved spaces. Fabrics in distinct hues bring personality to a bleak room. Neutral color lovers can add a shade of espresso and slate to their usual palettes. Don’t hold back when picking up patterns, too. All are welcome to our residences, from bold stripes to geometric shapes in 2022!

Try this: 

3. Multifunctional Rooms and Furniture

The last couple of years revealed that our houses could be more than just a dwelling place. With our home turning into our workspace, gym, restaurant, club, cafe, and more, it’s easy to get lost in the blurred lines between life and hustles. Living in a place that now has many purposes doesn’t have to be complicated. Adorn your abode with multifunctional furniture. You can also get creative with decorating your room to serve more than just one function.

Try this: 

  • Don’t let small spaces get in the way of your productivity. The Earl Industrial Desk with Storage Ladder is a great way to add more storage. This functional piece will keep clutter at bay. 
  • Giving yourself and your family the right places to store things can help keep a tidy environment. Keep last season’s magazines a place to hibernate with the Tall Tufted Storage Ottoman
  • Are you in need of a space for your furry friends? Provide them a room of their own with the Dog Crate End Table
  • Mask the unsightly litter boxes with a Litter Box Cover End Table. It’ll give your feline friends the privacy they need without having to ruin your aesthetic. 
  • Finally, give yourself even more space to work with the Modern Industrial Metal Pipe with Wood Workstation Twin Loft Bed for the bedroom. It's a great way to separate where you rest and hustle without taking up too much space.

 4. Bring It On for the Outdoors

Give your outdoor space a boost with stylish furniture. Whether it’s the patio, garden, balcony, or backyard, this is where you can get fresh air and sunshine plus your safe vantage point to watch the world go by. You can try tropical paradise, English garden, Japanese Zen, or go nautical for an extended living space for you and your family.

Try this: 


A Piece of You at Home

Decorating your abode according to trends is one way to keep it fresh and stylish. However, these trends mean nothing if they don’t reflect you. Make home a place that works for you, relaxes you, and shows off the real you. Stay true to your style and let these trends give it a happy boost.

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