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4 Ways to Achieve a Cottagecore Home

As more people dream of moving to the countryside to escape the fast-paced city life, the cottagecore trend became a favorite quickly. It lets us bask in a slow, simple lifestyle that leads to harmony and tranquility. This concept proves it’s more than just a trend, but a way of living that makes everyone feel more grounded.

Cottagecore was a trend beloved for its sentimental take on interior design. It makes every house feel warmer with botanical motifs, textured linens, and the aroma of good cooking in the kitchen. This style takes inspiration from cottage living, where flora blooms among the fauna, sustainable gardens flourish, and furniture is a collection of hand-me-downs and repurposed pieces with a fascinating background story. Interest in this trend grew due to the aesthetic vibes that live through Pinterest mood boards and Instagram posts.

Cottagecore living has since become the trend that makes every dwelling a lot homier. It generated the idea of bringing rustic elements into a home through indoor greens and warm colors. To help you achieve this look, we gathered five ideas to get you started. These simple steps will make your home feel cozy and genuinely lived in!

1. Value of Vintage

There’s a charm in antique furniture. A cottagecore home achieves this by pairing vintage with a rustic look. It presents a nostalgic vibe. For example, faded or chipped paint makes a piece of furniture look even more unique, and adds a story to an otherwise simple air.

Try this:

  • For the bedroom, bring in a classic Jewelry Armoire in woodland cherry. It’s the perfect place to store your prized possessions. The color is warm to the eyes, and it has just the right vintage appearance you need in your room.
  • The Stratford Coffee Table is a great centerpiece that blends well with the concept for the living room. Made from salvaged fir lumber and hand-turned balusters, it has just the right mix between vintage and French influences.
  • Keep the concept going with the Farmhouse White Wood Shelving Unit. It’s the perfect place to store books and display sentimental photos and other DIYs. The base comes with non-slip stoppers, which prevent it from sliding around and scratching floors.
  • You can never go wrong with reclaimed wood furniture. The Arnaud Reclaimed Wood Dining Table is a rustic addition to your interiors that brings a part of nature into your home. Match this with the Newberry Wood Dining Bench in Salvaged Gray

2. A Play on Textures

Cottagecore is not scared of texture. Its design philosophy embraces it! While most modern homes take on a more monochromatic color scheme and sleek designs, cottagecore turns 180-degrees away from this. Bringing lace, quilted throws, and knitted runners also adds layers of cozy to the home. Mix these with earth tones or floral designs for an authentic cottage-core feel.

Try this:

3. Keep it Natural

Nature and a cottagecore motif go hand in hand. You can bring this character to your dwelling through indoor plants and floral details. Plants are the easiest, most natural, and inexpensive way to bring the outside world into your home. If you don’t like the care that comes with an indoor garden, choose artificial plants. They look so real and just as beautiful. Now that your abode looks lush and organic, let your other senses feel alive as well. Bring in some nature-inspired scents that will connect the aesthetic with the fragrance of the house.

Try this:

4. Soft and Cozy

This trend's core is a soft and cozy aesthetic, from throws to stuffy pillows. Add some quilts on the couch. Don’t be afraid to stuff the cushions up to bursting! Cottagecore homes should feel just as welcoming as they look. Finally, add warm lighting that softens up the corners of your place. It’s these little details that transform a house into a home.

Try this:

Designing a Lived-in Home

Everyone dreams of a comfortable refuge from the busy world we live in. With a cottagecore motif, you can create a haven, whether you live in a studio rental or a 4-bedroom house. The ultimate goal is to make it genuinely homey. It’s the warmth you’ll need on cold days and the comfort you need during tough breaks. Go on and turn your space into a warm and cozy abode!

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