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5 Ways Your Rugs Can Change Everything for Your Home

Fun fact: Carpets have been constant pieces for the home for more than 5,000 years. Nomadic tribes used to weave rugs from reeds and grasses. It has since evolved to be the modern decor we know and love. While rugs are usually used to define the boundaries of living areas at home, there are more uses to these than just covering our floors—and we’re not talking about magic carpets! We put together five different ways to use your rugs to spice up every room in your abode. 

1. Let rugs add texture and dimension

The secret to making a house a home is to make it cozy. You can add textures to soften sharp corners and flat surfaces. Think pillows, throws, and carpets. Wool and hand-loomed rugs are especially good at inviting you to curl up on the floor. Add splashes of warm color to pull together a room. In a common area, a geometric design will balance out the other overall vibe of the room. Finally, don’t be afraid to mix and match your runners!

Try this:

2. Use them as instant art on your walls

Picture frames and art prints are the usual way people decorate their walls, but a blank wall can look amazing with something unusual. Yes, skip the canvas for a unique take on wall decor. If you have a large blank wall, hang up a rug instead of laying it flat on the floor. Many carpets these days have such beautiful designs. It feels like a shame to step on them. So hang them up!  With different shapes, sizes, as well as designs available for these tapestries, the possibilities are endless.

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3. Make rooms more interesting by mixing up styles

The days of having just one style in a room are long gone. The latest trends have allowed people to become more experimental in mixing and matching motifs. This is called “eclectic taste.” So don’t be afraid to put two (or more!) contrasting concepts together. You can layer carpets of varying designs and textures, for example.

Try this:

  • The Perspective Ivory Rug is a great statement piece for a transitional style dwelling. For an extreme upgrade, add it to a Scandinavian motif to bring color in a room.
  • Do you have a mid-century modern motif going on? Give it a bohemian twist with the Bonny Kelly Denim Blue Medallion Area Rug.
  • Farmhouses have a more lived-in concept and the Green and Ivory Distressed Area Rug will be a great addition to them. Its distressed texture balances its overall contemporary colors and design.
  • Soft to the touch, the Lofty White Shag will make any contemporary or industrial flat feel more homey. It’s great for adding a warm nook against modular corner sofas.
  • Give rustic interiors a modern twist with the Emeer Ivory and Gray Rug. Better yet, break up the colors in your eclectic space with this showstopper.

4. Let carpet colors liven up a room

There’s so much color you can bring to your dwelling. Adding a rug in a bold color might be all you need to transform your space. Sometimes, strong and dynamic hues are much easier on the eyes if they’re on the floor than scattered all over the place. Let your imagination run wild with fun shades to choose from.

Try this:

  • Quirky and fun, the Blocks Blue Yellow Pink Rug is perfect for your hobby room or the children’s bedroom! Its design is as dynamic as the colors it carries!
  • Ease the eyes with a deep blue foundation of the Berber Pattern Area Rug. The splash of colors in bohemian patterns makes for a great room definer.
  • The Bliss Hot Pink Shag Area Rug looks great in any room against cool whites! It’s just the right amount of fun without sacrificing modern flair.
  • You’ve seen boho rugs but not like the Manacca Jess Boho Medallion Area Rug. It looks perfectly lived-in with splashes of color in a distressed design. 
  • Any mid-century modern home will look great with the Alisa Galitsyna Pastel Geometric Shapes 2 Area Rug. With just the right colors, it perfectly suits anyone looking for a simple and instantly beautiful upgrade.

5. Your dream vacation, at home

Creating nautical or tropical-inspired spaces comes easy with a new rug. Add touches of blues and light neutrals for coastal-themed rooms. Meanwhile, lush greens and deep earthy colors will bring the tropics so close you can taste it! You can also go further with nature’s wonders through abstract designs. Complete the theme with matching throw pillows and ornaments cleverly scattered everywhere.

Try this:

A little update goes a long way

Rugs are not only great for the enhancement of our houses’ look and feel. They are also great for internal insulation and noise absorption. Every inch of this tapestry adds texture to every space, transforming its overall aura with dimensions and effortless statements. 

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