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Whether it’s for stunning decors, luxurious amenities, or clever design hacks, multiple design tips can be acquired from gorgeous homes in various countries. This reflects both strong visual essence and solid cultural identities.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to design your home, look no further. Below are the top interior design ideas to know in 2022 inspired by the finest homes worldwide.

1. New York City Loft

Nicknamed as “The City That Never Sleeps”, it comes as no surprise that the housing situation in New York can be spatially challenged. People rarely get shut-eye here so it’s only natural to save on living space, right? If you’re staying in a minuscule area, this is your best bet to elevate and repurpose, similar to what NYC-based folks do. Remember that residing in a small abode doesn’t limit your design options automatically. There’s a lot to learn from our favorite loft-style homes, especially when it comes to being functional, cozy, and smart.

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Behold, the estate of a blockbuster Hollywood star. California is known for its new and emerging creative talents, so it’s a great source of modern design inspiration that suits an uninhibited aesthetic. If you are fond of grand style yet full of creature comforts, then it’s definitely worth taking cues from properties built for the movie stars. With the right techniques, a lot can be achieved with a fraction of a million or even less.

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  • Play with luxe textures in the form of inviting furnishings: the Essence Ivory Wool Rug is one fine living room accessory. 

3. Vintage Paris Home

Say bonjour to inspiring design inspirations by showcasing the makings of a perenially chic Parisian home. Taking notes from the splendor of the past is key, as Paris is known for all things enviable, starting from its antique furnishings. If you love beautiful decors that exemplifies a certain je ne sais quoi, then you’ll definitely be on your way to transforming your home to an alluring space like no other.

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  • Things that don’t obviously pair well together often make the most interesting interiors. Want to mix Grey Stone Peel and Stick Backsplash with a teal Fabric Settee? Why not? The rules are blurred here, and as they say, the world is definitely your oyster. 

4. Bali Beach House

    If you’re scrolling through social media of popular travel influencers, then the Balinese lifestyle is probably one trend that you’ve at least considered, given the admirable influence of the city to wellness enthusiasts and Instagram-obsessed tourists. And as if you needed more proof to join the ones looking for the nearest flight in, Bali’s organic style of interior decorating would definitely lure you. The good news is that you really don’t have to be in the tropics to indulge in a five-star worthy hotspot. You just need a few pieces and redecorating techniques here and there, and you’re all set!

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    5. Japanese Zen Oasis

      Feel calmer just by looking at a Japanese-inspired abode, styled to reflect the soothing vibe of minimalism and simplicity. Inspired by Japan’s Zen monks, the monastic homes trigger the most beautiful and peaceful memories that make living in the Land of the Rising Sun a breeze, especially for those looking to have a grounded connection with both their spirituality and cultural identity. Japan is surely known for its top-notch cuisine, but next to it is its longstanding connection to peace and harmony when it comes to their households. Not to mention, thousands of years steeped in tradition resulted in only the greatest modest design inspirations. If you’re looking to transform your space into a solitary sanctuary, we’ve got a few ideas.

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      Inspiration is everywhere.

      The best way to find amazing design inspiration is to step out of your comfort zone, specifically of the city or country that you belong to. The world is steeped in several cultures that reflect on the best and most beautiful homes around the world, and there is beauty in creating a space that is not only pleasing to the eye but unique to your taste and travel influences too. Most importantly, there isn’t one way to style your home: mixing and matching works until you find the perfect design that works. Good luck!

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