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Stylish Home Accessories for an Inspiring Workspace

A collective rise in entrepreneurial spirit sparked the emergence of flexible working hours in non-traditional environments. Some people hustle while traveling the world, while some of us love working from home. This shift from the office prompted many of us to invest in stylish and functional workspaces that bring out the best of our productivity indoors. Considering the length of time we spend at our desks, a space that’s efficient as well as soothing is necessary. 

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a tech-savvy freelancer, or just someone who loves to sell your products online while reclined on a comfy couch, best believe you’ll find the right accessories to inspire you to create your own perfect workspace here. Read on for some of our recommendations!

1. For the tech-savvy

Whether you’re the CEO or the virtual assistant, you surely deserve a sleek workspace that prepares you for the high-tech environment that allows you to create revolutionizing work in the comfort of your own home. Smart gadgets are your professional tools so make sure they get the best treatment. Let’s not forget your comfort, too!

Try these:

  • Do you love an industrial look? Then the Modern Silver L Shaped Curved Leg Metal Clear Glass Computer Desk is both beautiful and brilliant. The L-shape provides the perfect corner wedge for your space-saving needs, especially if you need an ample spot for your computer and other machines. The best part? This desk comes with a flexible configuration that allows you to separate it into two individual desks, giving you more room for multi-tasking.
  • A comfortable and durable office chair is a must-have for all the long hours strategizing and immersing yourself online, and for that, we highly recommend the Morgan Office Chair. Its sleek stainless steel frame gets our vote for both form and function. Plus, it comes with castors, allowing you to move around the space freely!

2. For the creatives

Rustic Industrial Dark Walnut Rolling Filing Cabinet Office Desk

Whether you’re a copywriter, a designer, or an artist looking to create your next breakthrough project, nothing is more important for a creative person than to find inspiration. A walk in the park or a coffee catch-up with fellow creatives may spark ideas, but you don’t really have to go out to fuel your creative juices. Sometimes, a beautiful home office decorated with a couple of stunning accent pieces does the trick! Get ready to establish your own inspiring work HQ through the tips below.

Try these:

  • Walls take up a lot of space in your room, so why not decorate and spruce them up with a fabulous pattern that expresses your own eclecticism? Refresh your brain with Floral Blooms Peel And Stick Wall Decals, which is created with long-lasting vinyl that leaves no sticky residue in case you change your mind and switch up. The Crystal Geode Peel & Stick Wallpaper Mural is an artistic choice, too—the subtle splash of colors certainly evoke an artistic feel.
  • Creatives may love gorgeous design but it’s also part of the job to invest in aesthetic accent pieces for their workspace. Having Instagrammable furniture works for quick, random shoots! Get yourself an Ashland Solid Office Chair With Silver Nailhead Trim—it’s beautiful, comfy, and makes for the perfect IG prop!
  • There is no better way to combat a creative slump than with the proper setting of a room’s mood. For starters, a sumptuously scented candle can both be meditative and escapist. The Pier 1 Asian Spice 3x6 Solid Pillar Candle evokes a fusion of clove and grassy vetiver fragrance—an exotic scent that has the ability to transport you to places far away.
  • Book lovers, you’ll love Industrial Farmhouse X Back Solid Wood Ladder Bookcase. You rely on page-turning fiction to give you a no-fail dose of creative inspiration so gather your favorites on the shelves for easy access.

3. For the business-minded

Taunton Gray Helston Desk

If your life revolves around talking to clients 24/7 or preparing pitch decks to establish more investments for your startup, your top concern is having a no-nonsense approach to working from home —it’s where you get all the rigorous job done, after all. To maximize your productivity, eliminate distractions and create an elegant space to motivate you, especially on the most hectic of days.

Try these:

  • Add luxe to your workspace and get yourself a classy desk. The Taunton Gray Helston Desk has that minimalist vibe that helps you clear up your headspace fast. Its gold hardware evokes only sophistication. There’s ample room for your files, documents, and work tools as well, as you can neatly organize them into the two sets of storage drawers.
  • Say goodbye to bad lighting and illuminate your space with the Pearl Gold Flamingo Table Lamp with Feathered Shade, which also functions as a unique piece that adds quirky character and beauty to your entire setup.
  • Working your way to the top and staying there most often requires you to be more strategic with your time. Keep the stress at bay with a fragrant room diffuser. Try the Pier 1 Reed Diffuser Cuban Vanilla 10oz, that’s crafted with an authentic vanilla bean scent with warm woods and amber notes to relax you. The Pier 1 Pink Champagne Reed Diffuser 10oz, is made with a sparkling combination of pink grapefruits, strawberry, and citrus, the perfect scent to energize your spirits.
  • A well-appointed space is a must when it comes to having business partners or clients over at your home office. We recommend having your important discussions around the Contemporary Gold Metal And Glass Coffee Table, which makes for a great display of your coffee table book collection, your scented candles, and chic flower arrangement.

Your home can be the best place to work. All you need is a dedicated space and the right accessories to inspire you to be your most productive self. 

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