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An interior design known for its bold and luxurious aesthetic, art deco has a rich history that has allowed it to endure the test of time and remain relevant to this day. Typically associated with the era of the Roaring 20s, it became popular in America and Europe in the 1920s, extending its mark and influence in art and interior design well into the 30s and 40s.

With modernism underlining the core of that period and design movement, innovation and technological advancements followed. These breakthroughs were applied and mirrored in furniture pieces and home accents defined by sleek silhouettes and smooth lines, sharp and striking geometric shapes and patterns, and decadently lacquered, high-shine finishes. 

The art deco design is hinged on drama and opulence, more so with its distinctive black and gold motif. But let not its glamorous appeal intimidate you. It’s easy to achieve The Great Gatsby look in your own home with some key statement pieces. 

1. Anchor a room on a standout chair made of luxurious fabric like velvet

Bryan Velvet Club Chair

As an era popular for its extravagance and focus on modern, expensive materials, even the upholstery of choice is factored in in the overall collection of this design. Luxurious velvet couches, which have become so popular these days, are go-tos in establishing an art deco-inspired space. 

  • Designate a corner as your reading nook. Achieve the design goal for this space with an eye-catching accent chair, like this tufted velvet piece that comes in a striking electric blue color.
  • Elevate your dining space with chairs that strike a perfect balance between elegance and functionality. Our Brie Gray Set of 2 Armless Chairs feature sleek lines and are covered in tasteful velvet fabric, with the legs accentuated with brushed brass ferrules. It’s available in gray and blue
  • Give more visual impact to a space with thoughtful accents like this round cocktail ottoman in navy velvet and gold whose sleek curve and glossy stainless steel trim base exude the art deco vibe. 

2. Center your attention on the center table

Modern Blackburn Gold Coffee Table

One of the easiest ways to incorporate the art deco design into your space is by adding a coffee table. Placed at the center of a room or a vignette, the right choice of furniture piece will instantly and effortlessly radiate the drama intended for the styling. The key elements to look for are glass, high-shine surfaces like the reflective metallic gold frame shown above, and geometric shapes.

  • This hexagon coffee table ticks all the boxes for what can be considered as a distinctively art deco centerpiece. Not only is it made of glass and shiny metal, it’s also designed with a hexagon shape whose jagged edges are visually supplemented by vertical lines on the metal base.  
  • With high shine as one of the qualifications, this round mirrored coffee table delivers on the impact and then some. It has a fully beveled mirror frame, a clear glass top, a mirrored bottom shelf, and faux diamond inlays. 
  • Challenge traditional coffee table silhouettes with this tempered glass top piece that has an O shape wooden base. Its aesthetic balances luxuriousness and coziness on an accent that literally displays a balancing act.   

3. Add an accent that can easily reflect the mood of the era, a mirror

Maximize your wall by accentuating it with a statement mirror. For an art deco-inspired space, go for sleek, intricate designs that are polished to perfection. The metallic champagne gold mirror shown above is most ideal because it also comes in a sunburst design, which is one of the most common shapes associated with the art deco style.  

  • Enhance an entryway with a staple mirror to match a console. Or, put one in your dining space and even a powder room. This decorative mirror can brighten up any wall with its geometric, sunburst design with brass clad details and raised wood patterns.  
  • Go for the unexpected with this accent piece that combines two mirrors through overlapping elliptical metal gold frames.Its extraordinary shape pushes the envelope and welcome fresh styling possibilities.
  • Shapes and patterns are significant to the art deco look, and our Zeke Fluted Edge Wall Mirror Accent perfectly embodies that design. This luxe flower-shaped wall mirror is nowhere near romantic, as it has outer reflective mirror petals in beveled finish and with jagged edges.

4. Decorate your outdoor space in art deco style, too!

Black Metal Eclectic Outdoor Seating Set

With the well-loved indoor-outdoor design goal, it’s important for both areas to follow a certain theme to tie them together seamlessly and cohesively. If your interior spaces are furnished with art deco-style pieces, take the same approach for your outdoor area. It’s not as hard and intimidating as it may sound一we have just the right pieces to deliver on the impact without compromising comfort.

  • Pick a seating set that’s both sleek and cozy. This 3-piece patio bistro set includes two chairs and an accent table. The chair is made of solid eucalyptus wood and hand-woven rope backs, while the table is made of a durable superstone top and a solid eucalyptus wood base.
  • Accentuate your seating area with a rug. Our Libby Langdon Hamptons Navy Groovy Gate Area Rug is the statement you need outdoors. It features bold gold geometric patterns on a solid navy base. It comes in seven sizes, so you’re sure to find the right one for your space.
  • Complete your entertaining nook outdoors with a table, like our Hartland 3-tier cocktail table or the 2-level accent table. Their unconventional forms will easily make them a conversation starter at gatherings. The multi-level tables have tops designed with multi-patterned inlaid tiles.   
  • Take this Art Deco Bar Cart outside for an elegant take on entertaining. It has mirrored shelves that add depth and dimension and an elegant champagne finish. 

If you want to elevate your home and give it a luxurious treatment, the art deco style is a fabulous choice. Invest in pieces that follow the era’s opulent tonality and streamlined shapes一they have an enduring, timeless appeal that can make your home look like an overall curated masterpiece today and for years to come.     

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