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How To Mix And Match Pillows Like A Pro

 There are many ways to put a fun, interesting twist and a dash of character to interior spaces. But one styling trick that’s sure to make a noticeable difference一without putting a dent in your wallet一is adding or piling on throw pillows. They’ve become such staples that it won’t be an exaggeration to say that a space feels incomplete and lacks warmth or coziness without them.  

These go-to accents come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, leaving lots of room for creativity in putting them together. Yes, there is indeed an art to mixing and matching pillows, but the approach need not be complicated. 

Guided (but not limited) by these simplified tips, you’ll find that styling your home with throw pillows can be an enjoyable experience that can spark joy. The opportunity to play around with countless combinations puts the “fun” in function, striking the right balance between style and comfort. 

Take notes from these tried-and-tested tips and tricks, and you’ll be mixing and matching throw pillows like a pro in no time. Along with our wide collection of decorative pillows and pillow covers comes an array of styling ideas, some of which we’re sharing below:

1. Mixing and matching pillows by size and shape

Hugs and Kisses Gold Pillow

To create depth and dimension一whether you’re dressing up a bed or couch一it’s important to pay attention to the pillows’ sizes. First and foremost, you need to check that the pillows come in sizes that are proportionate to how small or big the piece of furniture you’re styling is. The intention for adding pillows is hinged on comfortability, but the aesthetic mustn't be far behind. Not being mindful of the dimensions could make the pillows look like they are drowned by the furniture, consequently rendering the design goal pointless as they have little to no impact in the overall vignette. 

A simple trick is to style with the largest pillow/s outward going inward with smaller pillow/s, punctuating with an accent lumbar pillow in the middle particularly when you’re dealing with a couch. This way, the output looks more put-together, cohesive, and symmetrical. Or, another way to go about it is to direct the focus on the corners by putting a large pillow side by side with a medium-sized one, overlapping a lumbar pillow in front of the two; this will make the arrangement appear more balanced.

Let's Stay Home Script White Decorative Single Pillow Cover

  • Perfect for dressing up the corners of a white or beige sofa, this cotton and polyester pillow with a classic sailor’s knot design comes in a set of 2. The gold link border style against the solid navy base looks simply luxurious.
  • Make a statementーliterallyーthrough your seating area with a script pillow that captures not only your personality but also spells out your life’s motto. It’s great for balancing out the visual of a pillow composition. This Dream Script Square Pillow is versatile, with a relatable message that’ll resonate to many.
  • Animal print pillows are such classics. With their bold, eye-catching design, they instantly make for fabulous accents whether it be in your living room or bedroom. This Faux Fur Leopard Brown Pillow looks exquisite and totally cozy with its texture.
  • When putting together pillows by size, a lumbar accent pillow is crucial in creating that layered effect against traditional square pillows. You’ll love this Braid Tassels and Striped Throw Pillow for its bohemian style that’ll easily pop out in a pillow arrangement.
  • Add variety to the mix with a bolster decorative throw pillow, like this style that has a modern casual feel with its whimsical candy wrapper design.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment. Apart from the square and lumbar pillows, incorporating a round one will also lend further visual depth and interest. Check out this Round Pleated Soft Velvet Decorative Pillow that looks so versatile it can fit with several interior design styles like vintage, farmhouse, and boho.
  • The good thing about relying on pillows to dress up a bed, sofa, or accent chair is that you may change up their looks whenever you feel like it, thanks to the vast selection of pillow covers. Shop for timeless styles that you can use for mixing and matching all year round. Floral designs are perennially chic. Pick one with the classic, vibrant tropical leaf design, or go for a more subdued option in hues of black, white, and gold.

  • 2. Putting together pillows with different prints

4 Piece Pig And Flower Market Farmhouse Check And Print Pillow Covers Set

Print on print is a stylish approach to decorating or dressing up a space. Lest your design intention is to achieve a monotonous look, the key in putting together pillows with different prints is to go for variety in terms of scale (with the so-called Rule of Three pattern sizes being the most common), using the color scheme as their unifying element. 

Take, for instance, the inspiration aboveーwith the two check prints, there’s a balance between one that’s bolder and another one that has slimmer lines, then both are offset by two printed pillows with a solid base. Despite the mishmash of prints, altogether, they look cohesive because they follow a certain theme which, in this example, is farmhouse.

3. Curating pillows with different textures

Perris Cowhide Grey Pillow

Texture, texture, texture! This is a design motto many live by. Textured pieces just add so much more personality to spaces. With their visual effect, they can easily establish a feeling of warmth and coziness, like what the softness of velvet exudes, or create a glamorous treatment just as a faux fur piece could do. Textured pillows are a go-to, and it’s no surprise why; they give the much-needed punch and punctuate pillow arrangements like no other. 

Play with textures (mix rough and smooth, or soft and embellished) and combine materials (think velvet with faux fur, or cowhide and wool). 

  • Texture can effortlessly glam up a bed or couch, especially when it comes in the form of a faux fur pillow, like this piece that has flowing wisps of white faux fur delicately tipped in soft shades of black add an artful fringed look.
  • With texture providing the welcome accent in a pillow arrangement, a boho chic piece with tassels and fringes feels like an organic addition. Our Enya Pillow in timeless cream and navy is available in square and lumbar versions, lending a charming touch whether in the living room or the bedroom. 
  • A conversation piece is always a must-have in any room, and you can establish that statement-making appeal even with a detail as small as a pillow. Pick a unique accent piece like our Nars Set of 2 Pillows which looks dramatic with its celestial-like abstract motif, defined by frosty platinum and gray circles.
  • This throw pillow, which is handmade of 100% premium velvet polyester material, is doubly interesting. On one side, it features a woven, pleated design, while the back is luxuriously smooth.
  • Another luxurious, textured material used in pillows is cowhide. It looks glamorous but cozy at the same time. Our 2-Piece Elita Multi Pillows Set in a blend of cream tones will be a fabulous addition to your home; it’s crafted with hand-stitched, scalloped cowhide cutouts.  

Modular Acacia with Cushions 6 Piece Outdoor Sectional Set

Don’t underestimate the power of a pillow to dress up a space and establish your desired aesthetic. Don’t leave them out in your design composition, and don’t be intimidated by them at the same time. As home accessories, these pillows help in adding character and mirroring the dwellers’ personality. The countless options may be overwhelming, but they also allow for multiple, creative ways to mix and match. Don’t forget to enjoy the processーfrom shopping to curating these pillows in your space.  

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