Must-Haves Inspiration for a Fabulous Christmas in July - Pier 1

Must-Haves Inspiration for a Fabulous Christmas in July

Christmas in July Apple Crisp Luxe candle

Who said the smell of pine and the sound of jingle bells should be reserved for just December? Let's put the 'ice' in 'spice', the 'tan' in 'Santa', and the 'sun' in 'fun'. Welcome to Christmas in July – the perfect cocktail of sunshine and holiday spirit. Today, we're going to turn the heat up (not on your thermostat, don't worry) with five fabulous must-haves from Pier 1 for an unforgettable Christmas in July.

Pier 1 Christmas Cookies Exclusive candle

 Satisfy your sweet tooth with the aroma of freshly baked christmas cookies mixed with golden almond and Tahitian Vanilla infused with cinnamon spice and brown sugar.

Top Notes: Almond, Brown Sugar

Middle Notes: Cinnamon, Butter

Base Notes: Tahitian Vanilla 

Holiday Candles and Fragrance:

Fancy Christmas in a whiff? Think freshly baked christmas cookies, the crisp and resinous scent of a just-hewn pine holiday forest , and the sweet, rich aroma apple crisp  cooling by the window. A single flicker of our holiday candles will send these divine scents dancing through your home, transforming your summer abode into a sensory Santa's workshop.

Pier 1 Exclusive Holiday Forest and Apple Crisp Luxe Candle

Pier 1 Dining and Entertaining Exclusives:

Imagine the clinking of our Crackle Stemless Glasses under a starry July sky, filled with your favorite chilled summer wine, while our Berries and Balsam bowls, plump with vibrant seasonal salads and frosty desserts, add the perfect pinch of holiday charm. It's like having a little Christmas dinner, but without the sweaters and cold nose! 

Pier 1 Berries & Balsam Set of 4 Cereal Bowls - Pier 1

Pier 1 Home for Christmas Set of 4 Cereal Bowls - Pier 1For those holiday time tablescapes adding a touch of glitz is a must. Tree ornaments lend themselves well as decor. 

Pier 1 Shatterproof Sparkle Set of 3 Ornaments - Pier 1

Rustic Touches from the Amish Collection:

Summer sunsets and rustic charm - what could be more picture-perfect? Our Amish Collection, with its timeless elegance, takes your alfresco dining from 'cute' to 'quintessential'. Whether it's a hand-crafted side table to hold your bowl of peppermint ice cream or a charming rocking chair for your post-feast relaxation, these pieces bring a dash of 'countryside at Christmas' to your July jamboree.

Pier 1 Amish Handmade Hickory and Oak Children's Rocking Chair - Pier 1

Holiday Décor:

Deck your halls with...oh wait, we're in July! No matter - a dash of holiday spirit is a joy forever, regardless of the calendar! From twinkling tree ornaments that sparkle under the sun's rays to adorable woodland creatures that add whimsy to your window sills, these festive touches will turn your summer home into a pocket-sized North Pole.

Pier 1 Standing Woodland Squirrel With Pinecone - Pier 1

Pier 1 Standing Woodland Squirrel With Wreath - Pier 1


Pier 1 Standing Woodland Squirrels

Unique 'Elf on the Shelf' Alternatives:



Tired of the same ol’ elf surveillance state that only clocks in at the end of the year? Meet the Plush Rainbow Sock Monkey and Scully the Sloth, your jolly little helpers that are ready to play all year! These cuddly characters will bring laughter and fun every day and you can make up your own rules. They might not report back to Santa, but we promise they're much better at summer hide-and-seek! 

Pier 1 Scully The Sloth 32" Plush - Pier 1

Turn up the Beach Boys' Christmas album, get your sunnies on, and let the Yuletide merriment take over! Christmas in July is a breeze (a warm one, mind you) when you've got these Pier 1 exclusives to make your celebrations shine. So let's break out the eggnog ice cream and toast to a holly, jolly July!

Whether you're a dedicated summer Santa or just flirting with the idea of Christmas in July, Pier 1 is your destination for the coziest, jolliest, and most festive summer around. You can find all the items listed here and more on our website, or take a sleigh ride to your nearest Pier 1 store.

No matter when you celebrate, keep the holiday spirit alive, and let every day be as joyful as Christmas morning. Happy Christmas in July!

Must-Haves Inspiration for a Fabulous Christmas in July