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Candles vs. Diffusers vs. Room Sprays

When it comes to selecting your signature home fragrance, there are So. Many. Options. If you’re not sure how to decide what type of scent to use where, this might help. 


Use candles in rooms where you spend the most time, such as a living room, kitchen, or home office, so you can enjoy the multi-sensory experience of the fragrance and the flickering flame. 



Ingenious set-and-forget scent-makers, diffusers are perfect for bathrooms, entryways, and laundry rooms. In other words, those rooms where you won’t necessarily be able to babysit a candle, but still want a fresh and clean scent at all times. 

Room Spray. 

Room sprays are great for freshening up every room in your home, but especially those that need a quick little boost of something aromatic, think kitchens, bathrooms, and closets. 

Best Scents for Each Room

Which scents work better in which rooms? We’ll break it all down for you. 


Scents with herbaceous, fruity, or citrus notes do well with cooking smells, whereas florals tend to compete. 


Bright scents of citrus, herbs, or oceanic fragrances keep bathrooms smelling fresh and clean. 

Home office. 

Boost productivity and promote concentration with lively bergamot, citrus, peppermint, cinnamon, or rosemary. 

Living room. 

Fresh fragrances are always good for relaxing, but feel free to experiment with exotic or rich scents for entertaining. 


Lavender is well-known for calming, and anything light, clean, and floral is lovely in a bedroom. 


Create a cozy, welcoming ambiance with earthy fragrances like woodsy sage and rosemary or rich sandalwood. 


Shop fragrances for every room in your home.

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