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What is Pier1OfAKind?

Some say style should follow time-tested rules to create something quite tasteful. Well that sounds boring. We, at Pier 1, say truly amazing style comes from somewhere way more interesting than that. And it’s a lot more fun. It comes from play. Taking risks. Putting this with that? Great style comes from creativity. So let’s try out the shabby and the chic. Change your mind on centerpieces. And then change it three times again. Not that anyone’s counting. Find that color that opens up the room and somehow makes it easier to open up to each other. Because the most fun part of creating your style is imagining where your creativity will take you next. And oh, we have some ideas. 

Pier1 is and has always been a place to find unique, one-of-a-kind, gorgeous pieces to bring your space to life and express your unique style. Great decor makes you feel good, and who doesn’t want to feel good. 

Pier1ofakind is a place to unleash your creativity. We’re here to give you all things inspiration. Don’t know where to start on your new tablescape? Let us inspire you. Looking for what’s trending? A seasonal refresh? New recipes? DIY’s? Sit down and start browsing, cause we’ve got you covered. 

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