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About Sculptures and Decor:

When creating your perfect outdoor patio, you can use a wide range of furniture and accessories to create the perfect look. Patio furniture is a big part of establishing the look and feel of your space, and finding just the right pieces can help you create the outdoor oasis of your dreams.

Pier1 has a wide range of patio furniture that can suit your needs. From outdoor chairs to sectionals to loveseats, we have designs that perfectly embody every taste.

In addition to your patio furniture, consider utilizing outdoor accessories as a gorgeous outdoor space finishing touch. You can look at pieces like decorative sculptures, plants, stools, and more. These colorful, beautifully designed accents can help you take your patio aesthetic to the next level.

Let's look at all the beautiful choices you have to complete your outdoor look.

Planters – Outdoor plants are the perfect decorative element for your patios. Lush greens and gorgeous blooms make a stunning and vibrant pop of color and can instantly brighten up your design. If your space is too small for landscaping, outdoor plants are another fantastic way to add refreshing greenery.

We have a wide variety of planters available for every design aesthetic. From industrial planters to delightful baskets to modern sleep pots – we have the perfect containers for all your beloved plants. Find your perfect pieces from our extensive collection.

Garden Stools – Garden stools are your best bet if you want to incorporate form and function in your decorating. There are several options that are beautifully designed and can act as both an extra seat, side table, or decorative stand for plants, photos, or other outdoor accessories. If you add two or more to your setup, you'll be grateful for the extra functional pieces.

Sculptures and Accents – Sculptures are a gorgeous accent that you can use either in your backyard as a bold centerpiece, in your front yard as a unique accent, or beside your front door. And who doesn't love a good garden gnome inside their flower bed? We have a wide array of sculptures and accents in bronze, steel, stone, ceramic, and more. Browse through our extensive collection to find pieces perfect for your garden.

Front Porch Décor – Decorating your patio creates a cozy outdoor space, but don't forget to consider outdoor decorations for your front yard and porch too. These are usually best when cohesive with your house design, as the front yard and entryway set the tone for your home. It's the first thing people see when they visit, so make it beautiful and inviting.

We have various outdoor decorations you can use in your front yard and on your porch. From bright and gorgeous garden lighting to rustic wooden "welcome" signs, you will surely find the best pieces to brighten up the front of your home.

Wreaths and Garlands – Floral accents are always a good idea. Wreaths and garlands are always a holiday mainstay, but these stunning accents are more than just a marker for special occasions. They can be used all year as a gorgeous addition to your door, porch, or even patio. Your front door is universally considered the best place to hang a wreath as it automatically makes your home feel welcome and inviting.

However, you can also include them in your patio and backyard decorations. A floating wreath accent is a perfect display piece for your patio or as a decorative element to highlight a porch swing or backyard bench.