A Holly Jolly Christmas Checklist - Pier 1

A Holly Jolly Christmas Checklist

The countdown to Christmas is on, but hey, who’s stressed? Not us! Checking off our handy-dandy Christmas countdown checklist keeps our tinsel from getting tangled.

2 Weeks Before

Mail Your Gifts {Cards, Optional}

Santa’s little elves, aka mail carriers, are going to have their mittens full this year. Drop off your gifts early. As for your cards? Totally optional (what?!). Hear us out. If you don’t have time to do your cards right now, give yourself the gift of grace to mail them after the holidays when you have more time, and they’ll actually get read. 

Deck Your Halls

Unless it’s your tradition to swap your fall wreath for a flocked one while the Thanksgiving roaster is still soaking, This. Is. Go. Time. Create your Christmas wonderland! Don’t forget those what-should-I-put-here spaces like above your kitchen cabinets, under the stairs, and above the radiator. 

Finalize Your Menu

Even if it’s just a few of you this year. Even if you’re not doing the full-meal-deal. Do yourself the favor of starting your shopping list. You’ll be glad later. 

Send Your Virtual Invites

Whether you’re popping in for a quick ho ho hello, getting the gang together for reindeer games, or having your holiday meal together, get your invites on the calendar. 

1 Week Before

Shop Non-Perishables 

Check your pantry for staples and shop for any non-perishables, including paper supplies, alcohol, dry snacks -- as much as you can. 

Display Your Christmas Cards

Why leave your Christmas cards in a stack? Scatter the holiday joy in every room of your home. Prop them on your mantle, hang them from your garland, clip them with clothespins to the slats of a rustic shutter or the mullions of a wooden window frame (extra points if it has a berry Christmasy wreath like this one!). 

Plan your Christmas Photo Outfits

If that grand plan in your head includes matching family Christmas photos, now is the time to add to cart. Don’t forget the antler hats and silly socks!

Week of Christmas

Shop Fresh Ingredients

Shop for fresh proteins, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. 

Buy Last-Minute Gifts

Just like Santa, better check your gift list twice. Pick up last-minute gifts for postal carriers, sanitation workers, hairdressers, and teachers. What to get? How about a box of your homemade fudge, a wintery mug, or a holiday scented candle

Stock the Bar

Set up your beverage serving area. Dust off your ice bucket and best glassware (this is that special occasion you were saving it for!), get schmancy and fill decanters with your go-to holiday spirits, stock mixers, set out coffee, cocoa, and cider mugs and mixes.  

Clean Your Serving Dishes

Crazy how dirty a dish can get just sitting in the cupboard, but alas. Get ahead of that last-minute bewilderment and wash and dry your serving dishes now. Then label them with sticky notes a.) so you know you have the right vessels for all your dishes b.) to save yourself last-minute scramble c.) (best of all) anyone can step in and help day-of. 

Set the Table

It might seem strange to set your table days in advance, but if your dining space won’t be used between now and then, go ahead. Lay out your tablecloths, placemats, napkins, centerpieces, your labeled serving dishes -- the whole-holiday-nine.  

Set Your Virtual Call Space

Avoid any last-minute fluster before your virtual calls by making sure your camera is at the optimal height, your mic and camera settings are on point, and you have good lighting. Set a backdrop that’s joyful and happy by hanging festive decor, lights, wreaths, even put up a little tree in your chat space. 

Christmas Eve

Set out milk and cookies for Santa and crew on a jolly Santa plate

Sit back. Take in the joy of the moment and all the precious gifts around you. And smile.