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5 Ways to Tastefully Add Citrus Elements to Your Home Décor

What better way to brighten up your home than by adding bold, zestful accents? Citrus-themed home décor naturally comes to mind whenever the design goal is leaned towards refreshing a space with a punchy color scheme. 

But while they do lend a visual boost and a summery vibe all year round, it can be quite tricky to decorate spaces with such home accents. They have to be used sparingly or placed strategically lest you end up with a kitschy space that’s too overdone it almost feels like you’re in a souvenir shop.    

Match their distinctively seasonal vibe with a timeless interior design style, so they don’t feel like holiday décor you’ll take down. There are ways to go about having them as staples in your house. Below, we give you some tips on how to squeeze your creative juices into a happy home with hints of citrus flair一from lemon and lime to orange and cilantro.   


1. Create a focal point in a room through fruity wall art 

Don’t shy away from color. Anchoring a space with a statement-making, eye-catching artwork is a tried-and-tested styling trick that delivers a wow factor. The key lies in balancing the boldness of the artwork with a muted wall or backdrop for that ideal fusion of playfulness and elegance. 

  • Invite positivity into your home by displaying vibrant artwork like this Multicolored Canvas Wall Art. It easily pops in a space, livening up your home’s aesthetic with the right amount of sprightly character.
  • Fun and youthful print artwork, such as this “Sandtuary” Framed Print Wall Art, can go beyond the nursery or a kid’s room. Its modern botanical design, featuring fresh pink and orange grapefruits, will be a cool touch to a dining area or kitchen. 
  • If you’re hesitant about putting citrus- or fruity-themed artwork in your living room, this “Lemon Tree Green” Canvas Wall Art will convince you to go for it finally. It has a combined aesthetic of tropical, botanical, and whimsical coastal themes that make it quite irresistible.
  • Add a pop of color in a predominantly white space with a decorative item like this Lemon Slices Wall Sign. It has a clean and chic design featuring a trio of citrus slices on a crisp white background.
  • Framed in eco-friendly white weathered pine wood, this “Roses Are Red” Framed Print Wall Art is an absolute standout with its fresh orange and red peach prints.

    2. Be straightforward-opt for quirky wall art and décor featuring citrus-related words

Lemon Market Sign

Text art prints have become so popular in recent years. Depending on the fonts used and the other elements that come with the letterings, they can be a mood booster both in the texts’ context and the overall design.  

  • Lemonade craving, anyone? This cute Lemonade Wall Sign, made of enamel material that’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor, can go well with a variety of interior design styles.
  • Give your kitchen a bright and cheery vibe with this Lemon Market Wall Sign with a wooden frame. It matches a farmhouse, rustic, or even a Scandinavian style. 
  • Small details matter and proof of that is how this handcrafted wood and metal “Fresh Squeezed Lemonade” Wall Sign gives more personality to a kitchen.
  • Spruce up your windowsill herb garden or spice nook. This Thyme Wall Sign is very much in theme. 
  • For an unexpected citrus spin and hue, check out this “Indigo Lemon” Canvas Giclee with a single charming fruit slice illustration and a subtle “lemon” text.

    3. In lieu of actual citrus prints, incorporate zesty colors instead

Yellow Metal Modern Planters

If lemon, lime, or orange prints are too bold for your taste, your home can still exude the same sunshiny aura they are known and loved for. Choose furnishings or accents in yellow, orange, or green.

  • Used in a muted space, these Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains add a color punch that helps achieve a vacation feel.  
  • Yellow has the ability to illuminate a space. And when it’s the color of a pretty, dainty Faux Floral Arrangement in a Vase, the brightening effect is amplified. Place it on your coffee or end table.  
  • Make a statement and demarcate spaces with a striking rug like this Lime Mocha Landscapes Area Rug which is made of woven multi-textured, quality wool.
  • Accentuate a corner with touches of greenery. Put your plants in these sleek and quirky Yellow Metal Modern Planters, and see your space transform from plain to wow.
  • Go big for your home. Furnish a room with a space-defining piece of furniture, like this Orange Velvet Tufted Bench that’s playful yet elegant at the same time.

    4. Go for citrus hues for your dining and entertaining essentials

    Burnt Orange Placemats

    Whether you’re throwing an intimate, casual weekend lunch with your family or inviting your friends for afternoon cocktails, exert effort on your tablescape. Try citrus prints on one or two of the following: tablecloth, runner, napkins, placemats, or seat covers. 

    Grapefruit Reed Diffuser

    Citrus has a calming and energizing mood, making it perfect for the home. Complement your happy home décor with scents that jive with their vibe, and enhance a room’s ambience in a jiffy.     

    • Try this Grapefruit Reed Diffuser for your living room. It has a garden-fresh blend that combines lemon, lime, and mandarin orange scents with herbal and floral notes.
    • The soothing power of this Two Wick Inspiration Scented Set of 2 Candles will be ideal for the bedroom and the en suite bathroom. One is Passion Fruit Blossom which has an exotic, tropical scent, while the other one is Citrus Zest which combines orange, tangerine, lemon, lime, and grapefruit scents.
    • The No. 25 Evergreen Citrus Scented Soy Candle can seemingly transport you outdoors with the scents of fresh pine, cedarwood, and lemon zest. This blend makes it ideal for your yoga corner or home office.
    • With its delicious concoction of pink grapefruit fragrance and fresh citrus fruit aromas, the No. 23 Grapefruit Jasmine Room Spray will make your kitchen and dining area more conducive for bonding with your loved ones.
    • Enjoy your much-deserved sleep with spritzes of the all-natural Lemongrass Peace Luxury Linen and Pillow Spray. It’s infused with pure lemongrass that’s known to help one fall asleep faster and feel refreshed upon waking up. 

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