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The warmth of spring, when we finally shed the layers of winter and enjoy the welcome rays of sunshine. Excited about sprucing up your home for springtime? Here are five lovely ideas to get the most out of the weather turning.

1. Host an outdoor party in your backyard

Acacia Counter Height Set of 3 Outdoor Dining Chairs and Table

Spring is one of the seasons that naturally invites people to gather together outdoors. The new grass, the blooming flowers, the feel of the sun on bare skin! There’s something about the weather that puts everyone in a carefree, champagne-drinking kind of mood. Plus, we can all go out and have a barbecue—definitely a reason to host a culinary occasion! To make it enjoyable for everyone, plan a themed party where guests can dress up and dine. Staging it outdoors is a great option to enjoy the fresh air and great vibes. All you need are a few pieces and you’re all set!

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2. Plant a garden

Rustic Wishing Well Planter

With the first sign of roses and daffodils, gardening season is upon us, and what better way to start than to prepare all your favorite gardening tools? Planting your own produce saves you dollars and lets you indulge in organic, home-grown fruits and vegetables. The best part is you get to enjoy the delectable flavors you grew yourself! 

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3. Watch the sunrise or sunset from your garden

Hammock Hanging Swing Chair

Watching the sunrise and sunset is awe-inspiring, and it helps you feel more energized, which is probably why it’s recommended to improve one’s mental health. Nature is the healer to the soul, so why not allot a space in your home to get an unobstructed view of the sun’s beauty? While you’re at it, this is also a great time to invest in energy-giving activities such as practicing meditation, reading books, journaling, or writing poems. 

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  • We can already imagine how comfortable it will be lounging in this Hammock Hanging Swing Chair, made for carefree days getting lost in your favorite novels.
  • Make your way to your hammock on literally sunny Brown Bursting Sun Glowing Stepping Stones.
  • Keep yourself warm at dawn or dusk by wrapping yourself in the Layla Single Throw. This reversible throw has bright flowers on one side and small leaf pattern on the other, giving you two great looks in one item.
  • If you’re on the hunt for a quirkier option for your nook, the Boho Faux Rattan Egg Swing Chair with Stand is perfect for a chill retreat! Bonus: it’s made from weather-resistant cushion fabric, keeping you protected come rainy days.

4. Dine al fresco on your deck

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Spring is the best time to sit on your patio and watch the flowers bloom while you have brunch with friends, to enjoy a pitcher of lemonade with your kids as they play in the garden, or share a bottle of wine with your spouse over a candlelit dinner. Make a special place on your deck for all these with our suggestions.

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5. Gaze at the stars from your front porch

Modern Acacia Wood Outdoor Loveseat

There’s something magical about just laying down and observing the constellations that decorate the sky, quietly figuring out the mysteries of the universe from our tiny planet. For best viewing, go to places where the sky is clear and quiet, and make sure you’re equipped with blankets and pillows to make your trip comfortable. 

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