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Farmhouse design may have boomed in 2015 but it is still a beloved trend today. The rustic vibes, comfy-chic look, and country furniture all add to a peaceful respite from the world. But everything needs a freshening up now and then to avoid looking tired and outdated. You can still enjoy this cozy style with some new ways to refresh your farmhouse décor.

1. Choose old

The easiest way to update your farmhouse décor is, ironically, to get something old. Of course, not everyone has the time to go to estate sales and antique shops. Many people also don’t like used furniture. Not to worry since you can find many distressed pieces or classic furniture online. Here are a few of our favorite finds:

  • Vintage rugs are having a moment in farmhouse décor. Real antique Turkish, Oriental and Persian-style rugs are eye-poppingly expensive but you can have the same look for a fraction of the cost with the Distressed Finish Rug Round
  • These Hassan Pair Dining Chairs have cushioned seats that offer a comfortable place for family or guests. Their classic look may be simple but they will still stand the test of time.

    2. Mix and match your prints

Mixing up prints and patterns is a fun way to make your home look more interesting and unique. Many people are scared to do this, thinking they will clash. Be brave! Here are a few ways how to do it:

  • Another tip is to mix straight lines with curved or zigzags. Check out how the Gray Chevron Plush Throw contrasts with the pillows.

The newest addition to farmhouse décor is nature in art. You’re in luck because landscapes, animals, and botanical designs, especially vintage or antique ones, naturally complement your comfy-chic vibe. You can choose photographs, paintings, or sketch drawings. Here is some gorgeous nature art for your home:

A farm is a place where hands work so it’s only natural that your farmhouse décor will have pieces that were lovingly created. Pottery that feels weathered, bowls carved or woven, plates that look like they were fresh out of the kiln. Here are a few samples of lovingly crafted pieces for your home:

  • Get a pair of the Blake Earthenware Ceramic Table Lamp for your side tables in the bedroom or the living room, but note that it’s made of natural ceramic materials. Each one has subtle variations in color and texture, making each piece unique. 

People think that farmhouse décor is all white with a smattering of brown or cream. Breaking news: You can use color! In fact, color adds just the breath of fresh air your home needs. All that white needs some brightening up. Here are some ideas:

  • Crafted from a blend of solid and engineered wood, Green Two Door Cabinet features panel doors and a green finish for a fresh look.

Farmhouse décor will always be a loved design style. A simple refresh with every changing season through the use of colors, materials and art will make your homey interiors relevant today.


Discover more farmhouse design pieces for your home here.

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