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Home interior trends come and go, but a constant in many people’s homes is the subdued and relaxing palette that neutrals bring. Neutral colors include beige, cream, taupe, brown, gray, black, and white. They don’t appear on the color wheel but they perfectly complement primary and secondary colors. This feature makes them an evergreen design choice since neutrals will fit in any home theme. There are various reasons people go for this motif. It makes for a refreshing environment while giving the illusion of space, especially in much smaller rooms.
However, the neutral game is a tricky trend. If not done well, it can get boring really quickly. So, to keep you from getting tired of your own interiors, we put together 5 fresh ways to decorate your home using neutral colors!

1. Mix wood tones and patterns

Wood is one of the best sources of neutral tones. Having just one tone and wood pattern all around the house can seem repetitive so go for different hues. Lighter tones are great for foundations such as with walls and flooring. However, dark and middle shades can instantly bring life into your home. Check out these ideas:

2. Incorporate blacks and metallics

    Just because we’re working with neutrals doesn’t mean we can forget other colors. The best part about these relaxed tones is that it contrasts with a lot of colors. Blacks and metallics give any home an edge for a truly modern feel. See these stunning pieces:

    • Make your routines more interesting with the Contemporary Gold Wood Wall Mirror. Place it in the bathroom or in the hallway for a classy statement piece.
    • This Black Metal And Wood With Table Black And Brass Floor Lamp will turn eyes to the corner of your room. The head of the lamp stays true to the motif while its base and body add a contemporary flair.
    • Even your plants need a boost. Pair the Modern Black Metal Planter with neutral ceramics for a look that your friends and family would want to try themselves.
    • What we love about the Black Hoddesdon Tv/Media Stand is the contrast between the soft brown and the black. It also has a metal base that gives it a lift, literally and figuratively.
    • Everybody loves a good art piece at home. This Gold Canvas Wall Art carries abstract strokes inside a gold frame that will make your entryway a true delight.

    3. Spice it up with some texture

      Textures make everything interesting. It’s an experience that every homeowner and visitor can bask in, especially in a room with muted colors. If you’re sticking to the same shade of neutrals in your home, texture is the key to stimulating your senses at home.

      4. Make a statement with patterns

        Aside from texture, patterns also stand out in neutral backgrounds. Pick a pattern for every part of the home that should serve as its statement piece. These pieces will make your interiors sing:

        5. Bring in unique shapes and dimensions

        Many people love symmetry. Who wouldn’t? It is, perhaps, the easiest choice when decorating a space. A neutral home doesn’t have to be in perfect symmetry to look good. Multidimensional decors and shapely structures can give your home an interesting boost. Check out the following looks:

        Neutrals need not be boring. Give your home the boost it needs by adding accents and textures here and there!


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