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Endlessly versatile the bar stool provides casual seating and a way to change up
your kitchen’s look. Go rustic, modern or somewhere in between. We’ll help you
decide which will fit your needs for both seating and style.

Three Brown Wooden Bar Chairs

Surprise yourself with how easy an instant update a set of new bar or counter stools can be. Mix
things up a bit and go with a style that you’ve been craving. Turn that unused bar into your new
breakfast nook or a counter into a fast, weekend lunch station.

Brown Wooden Bar Stools

Bar Stool vs
Counter Stool

A bar stool is best for, you guessed it, bars. Take advantage of the height and pick a stunning stool with a look that complements your kitchen style.

Counter stools can be multipurpose. One minute they can turn a counter into a place for meals and the next you can pull it over to add table seating.

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How To Take Measurements

Measure the height of the bar or counter by starting from the floor and measuring to the top of the
surface. Do this at least twice to ensure accuracy. You’ll take this measurement and subtract 10
inches. Now you have the approximate height of the stool to purchase that will give you plenty of
space to sit at the bar or counter comfortably with your legs crossed.

Bar stool seats are about 30-36 inches from the floor for bars and counters 40-46 inches high. While
counter stools range from 24-29 inches for counters or tables 34-39 inches high.

Brown Wooden Chair And Stool Bar

How Many Do You Need?

Start your measurement at the center of one stool to the one next to it. You’ll want 26-28 inches
between them. Second, make sure you have 14 inches from the center of the last stool to the wall or
edge of the counter. This makes it easy for everyone to get in out and with ease.

Three Brown Wooden Chair And White And Brown Ceramic Plates

What’s Your

There are so many to choose from. From a traditional pub look with dark wood, bonded leather and nailhead trim to a simple solid wood finish to go in your farmhouse-inspired kitchen, you’ll find the seating that will help you express your own unique style.

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Two Brown Stool Bars And Brown Chair
Three Brown Wooden Bar Stools and one with tan cushion