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Hanukkah at your house is a full-on 8-night celebration. And lights never shined brighter than yours. But if your dreidel is spinning looking for creative new Hanukkah decor you can make with your favorite people, we got you. 

These Hanukkah DIYs are super easy and fun to make -- and totally customizable. So go ahead and follow these directions to the letter or use them as inspiration to do your own thing. 

Metallic Dipped Taper Candles

Get your menorah ready for eight nights of fanfare with metallic dipped candles. Because everything is better dipped in metallic paint, don’t you think? 

We love this project because it’s super easy, and these candles look like a million bucks.  

Just hold your candle by the wick end and spray the bottom few inches with shimmery metallic gold or blue paint. Prop the candle in a glass upside down to let it dry. 


Star of David Wreath

Give a nod to nature in your Hanukkah decor with this Star of David wreath entwined with foliage and organic elements. 

You’ll need florist wire, wire cutters, twine, greenery, and a wooden star from the craft store (or make your own!).   

Start by laying 1-2 stems of foliage along the star and wrap with florist wire to secure. Use the wire cutters to squeeze the ends of the wire together to secure it in place. You can also press the wire together in a few places along the stem to tighten the hold. Tie twine around the stems for additional hold and organic charm. 

Continue this process around the star until you have your desired look. Loop twine through the top point to hang. 

Make-Your-Own Menorah

If you’ve taken a twirl through Pinterest lately, you’ve seen the menorahs made with everything from Legos to sparkly purple rhinos

We like this silver branch menorah because it is so elegant, plus the whole project kicks off with a nature hike, which we love, love, love. 

First, gather your gang for a trek through the woods (or the craft store) to find a branch that’s 16 inches long and around two inches in diameter. 

  • Use a pencil to mark nine spots for the candles. If there’s a raised knot in the branch, what a fun place to put the shamash!
  • Drill holes to fit your candles. 
  • Paint the branch in a color that makes your heart happy. Let dry. 
  • Stick self-adhesive felt pads along the bottom to protect your surfaces.

Craft Paper Dreidel Garlands

Paper dreidel garlands are a simple way to add festive flair to any space in your home that doesn’t usually get decked out for the holidays -- think: hallways, doorways, or across your upper kitchen cabinets. 

All you need is blue patterned craft paper, scissors, a hole punch, a stapler, and ribbon or twine. 

Cut paper into one-inch wide strips. For each dreidel, you’ll need two that are seven inches, two that are six inches, and one that is five inches long. 

Stack the strips together, line the top edges together, then staple about an inch down, so there’s room for a ribbon hole. Next, line the bottom edges together and staple. 

Voila-- you just created a dreidel!  

Punch a hole at the top and thread with silver ribbon or jute twine.  

Glittered Dreidels

Sparkly dreidels have one purpose in life -- to look as glitzy as possible. And they’re so chic no one will be bummed they aren’t for spinning. 

Use a tray or sheet pan for this project. (We never said this wasn’t messy -- but that’s half the fun!)

Coat wooden dreidels with glue, and while the glue is still wet, carefully cover each side in glitter. Let dry. 

Place your shimmery dreidels where no one will expect them: in an apothecary jar in the guest bath, arranged in various-sized glass hurricanes by (or in!) the fireplace, or placed in clear fillable ornaments in a gorgeous bowl.  

Discover More Hanukkah Inspiration

Making your own Hanukkah knick-knacks is just one way to fill the season of miracles with togetherness and love. You can count on Pier 1 as your go-to for all things holiday inspiration. Be sure to look around Pier 1 of a Kind for even more holiday hosting tips, gift guides, winter decor ideas, and more. 

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