Scully and Rainbow: The Must-Have Stuffed Animals for Holiday Joy - Pier 1

Scully and Rainbow: The Must-Have Stuffed Animals for Holiday Joy

Scully and Rainbow: The Must-Have Stuffed Animals for Holiday Joy


The holidays are a time of warmth, wonder, and whimsy, a special season that sparkles with tradition and nostalgia. This year, two charming companions are set to make your celebrations even more unforgettable: Scully the Sloth and the Rainbow Sock Monkey. These aren't just stuffed animals; they're memories in the making, ready to be hugged, cherished, and loved by all.

The Magic of Tradition

From the twinkling lights to the festive tunes, every holiday tradition brings its own brand of magic to the season. Scully the sloth, with relaxed charm, and Rainbow, with vibrant stripes, are poised to become the newest additions to your family's festive traditions. Imagine the delight year after year as Scully and Rainbow make their annual appearance, marking the commencement of holiday merriment. Or better yet, enjoy these plush friends all year long.

Joy in Gifting

A sloth and a monkey are adorable animals loved by so many and bring joy and smiles by their presence. Share the joy by gifting them this year to children and and adults, friends and relatives alike. We even think your furry friends may be happy to receive one.

Decorating with a Twist

Who says holiday decor can't be soft and cuddly? Scully features velcro hands and feet so have some fun decorating your stair banister or any creative place you can think of. Rainbow brightens up any space by sitting pretty but imagine your mantle featuring this candy colored monkey. They're not just toys they become part of the holiday scene.

A Rainbow of Happiness

Pier 1 Rainbow Sock 24" Monkey Plush - Pier 1

Rainbow Sock Monkey is a burst of color in the traditional holiday palette. In a season dominated by reds and greens, Rainbow offers a playful spectrum that brings gumdrop button energy.

Slow Down and Savor with Scully

In the hustle and bustle of the season, Scully the Sloth is a gentle reminder to slow down and savor the moments. Scully is a cozy reminder to relax with a cup of cocoa and just be present. Let Scully inspire a season of serene moments amidst the holiday cheer. A positive take to being sloth like and "just hanging out".

What will your tradition look like?

Scully the Sloth and the Rainbow Sock Monkey are more than just stuffed animals; they are symbols of joy, comfort, and the colorful spirit of the holidays. They remind us to cherish the moments, embrace the traditions, and always add a touch of creativity to our celebrations. This holiday season, make room in your home and your heart for these adorable companions. Head over to our website and let Scully and Rainbow hop into your holiday traditions and gift-giving, spreading smiles and warmth to all.

Find your new festive friends and infuse your holidays with an extra sprinkle of joy. Adopt Scully and Rainbow today! Use #pier1slothandmonkey in your social media posts sharing the joy of our plush friends to be featured.