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Create Your Dreamy Lazy Sunday Space

Sundays were made for being lazy. For curling up with a book, taking a nap, or just dreaming the day away. And we’re here to help you style the perfect lounge space in your home -- from a just-for-you window seat to a multi-functional space where the whole family will want to hang. 

Explore ten of our favorite ideas for creating the perfect space for doing absolutely nothing at all. 

Soothing & Soft

Set a soothing tone in your space by using muted, understated colors. A cushy rug with light tones is easy on the eyes and soft on your feet. When choosing new decor for your relaxation room, starting with your rug provides a calming color palette to inspire the rest of your design choices. 

Emphasize the Outdoors

Bring the calming effects of the great outdoors right into your home. Decorate your space with artificial plants to soften your style and add lush green textures to your room. It’s well known that being in nature benefits our emotional wellbeing and boosts our mood. But did you know that looking at artificial plants can have the same effects and actually lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety? Plus, you don’t have to water them!  

White on White

A clean palette like tonal whites or creams creates an ethereal look that is free from visual clutter. And a space where your mind is free to wander. To keep it from looking flat and boring, style a cream-colored sofa with pillows and throws in a mix of materials and textures that add character and create a timeless look you’ll love forever.

Room With a View

Wherever you like to sit and unwind during your day of rest, set a pair of comfy chairs side by side to give yourself a relaxing viewing spot. Whether you’re looking at the sunset, an ocean view, or your backyard, grounding yourself by gazing outside creates a connection with nature that’s good for your mood and restorative for your soul. 

Tropical Touches

Lighten the mood of your zen zone by incorporating touches of the tropics. Accents and table lamps in organic materials like rattan, wicker, jute, and seagrass create a calming influence by making your space feel warmer and cozier. And maybe even call to mind memories of that tropical vacation or beachside getaway. 

Round It Out

Round shapes can make a room feel soft and inviting -- even offer a sense of protection. Style your Sunday relaxation space with cozy, round upholstered pieces. A soft pouf or ottoman in gentle curved shapes creates a space with comforting energy that is conducive to curling up and napping or reading a book.

Make It Multipurpose

Design a space where the whole family will want to gather by creating zones within your lazy lounge space. Soft seating like couches, chairs, and chaises provide spaces for napping or watching TV, while a handy table can double as a desk for writing, doing crafts, playing games, or having snacks. 

Create a Corner

There’s something about having a cozy corner to curl up into that’s just so restful and relaxing. Create your own cozy little corner of the world by positioning a sectional couch into a sunlit corner. Add a coffee table to hold your remote and books, then pile on soft pillows and throws to make a space ideal for napping or just curling up and watching a Sunday afternoon movie together.  

Make Your Own Window Seat

Window seats are the perfect place for dozing, gazing out the window on rainy days, or just letting a lazy Sunday wash over you. And now you can make your own. Start by sliding a settee in front of a bay window or large window. And since window seats are all about the pillows, cozy up your space with a mix of pillows in soft patterns and textures. Relax, rest, and repeat.  

Pop Your Color

An all-neutral palette gives your room a restful quality that is perfect for Sunday chilling. But sometimes, your eyes need somewhere to go -- and something to look at that gives you a boost of energy and makes you smile. Choose a purposeful place to pop your favorite color, either through wall art, decorative accents, or pillows to add a splash of excitement to your style. 

Style Your Lazy Sunday Space

Get your lazy on in your very own relaxation space, styled with cozy, comfy looks you can find right here at Pier 1. We have all the furniture, rugs, accents, lighting, pillows, and throws you need to create a space where the whole family will want to lounge every Sunday.