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How to: Decorate With Stripes

Stripes are having a moment -- but really, can you think of a time when stripes were ever not in style? From cabana to chevron, herringbone to ticking, stripes are a beloved pattern that knows no design style bounds. And for good reason. You can use stripes to provide calming symmetry or pack a contrasting punch to any of your spaces. 

Where things can get tricky is mixing stripes with other patterns. In general, stripes are BFFs with a great many patterns -- looking at you, florals and polka dots! But when left to run amok, too many stripes can dizzy up a room. 

Keys to Successfully Mixing Stripes

When it comes to decorating with stripes -- and mixing and matching other patterns -- the key is to limit your color palette. We recommend sticking with three colors max, including your main color and up to two accent colors. White is a neutral, so it doesn’t count in your color count -- and offers a crisp relief in striped situations. The idea is to let your pattern be the focal point, not a crazy mix of colors. 

Which Patterns Go With Stripes?

Really, almost all patterns can go with stripes. The trick is to choose the right color combo and scale your patterns proportionately to create a cohesive look. The easiest patterns to mix with stripes are florals, polka dots, and checks, but damask, ikat, and paisley also look awesome with stripes. And the organic patterns found in materials like rattan and wicker offer a textural contrast to stripes. 

So for your striped style inspiration, explore some of our very favorite ways to combine stripes with other patterns. 

 Florals love stripes and vice versa. The secret is to vary the scale and keep a common color palette. Mixing a large-scale striped chair with a delicate floral pillow creates a beautiful balance -- and lets the stripes be the star of the show. And by repeating the same colors, you unify your look. 

Stripes and polka dots are a super fun combo. They each have their own punchy personality, but when they’re together, they bring out the best in each other without overpowering your style. The light aqua and white color palette in the pillow creates cohesion, while the addition of navies and other coastal blues in the rug keeps it from looking too matchy-matchy. 

Combining stripes and checks is almost like pairing stripes with stripes. Monochromatic tones across the burlap runner, dinnerware, and placemats make this look successful, giving you license to add bright pops of accessories to add color and contrast to your look. When blending checks and stripes, mix the scales of the patterns to add visual impact. 

When mixing patterns of any kind, it’s always a good idea to combine complex with simple. Here the movement in the damask rug provides contrast to the classic stripes on the bar stool. And since we kept to the same color palette, the overall look is aesthetically pleasing without being overwhelming.

Ikat patterns sometimes dance the line between geometric and organic, but luckily both can share a space with stripes. The organic fabrics and color palettes unify this southwestern style rug and boho bench, and the contrasting scale of the patterns provides balance without adding busyness to the look.

Layering a paisley rug with a striped rug is a perfect pattern combo because it epitomizes juxtaposition. One is swirly, with lots of movement, while the other is structured and simple. By repeating the color palette but contrasting the scale of the patterns, this combination of stripes and paisley has balance, visual texture, and plenty of color without being too much. 

A fun way to add another pattern to your stripes is to go the route of a natural texture like jute, rattan, wicker, or seagrass. Each has an inherent pattern -- and even if it mimics stripes, it’s just different enough to look great together. Which is why the natural fibers of this seagrass light fixture provide a striking visual contrast against the smooth lines of the striped wallpaper

Mix Up Your Style With Stripes

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