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The cottagecore aesthetic is a throwback to simpler times that combines farmhouse vibes with country cottage charm. This cozy and eclectic mix of floral patterns and vintage decor creates a look that’s equally nostalgic and ethereal. A dreamy style for your bedroom, don’t you think?

If you’re ready to give your room a retro redo, get inspired by some of our favorite cottagecore bedroom styles to help you create your own fantastical pastoral retreat. 

Go Botanical

The key to creating a cottagecore bedroom is to mix nostalgic prints with wild abandon. Layering floral on floral patterns creates that quintessential English countryside style that makes your room look and feel cozy. Start with this dreamy midnight blue patterned comforter set that will lull you right to sleep. 

Nod to Nostalgia

Tucking yourself into a vintage-inspired bed is sure to inspire dreams of baking bread and doing cross-stitch that you’ll never want to wake up from. This bronze metal bed will cozy up your room and make it feel like you’re on holiday in a charming B&B in the English countryside. 

Plant Flowers

No need to live in a meadow -- you can achieve a cottagecore bedroom look with a pretty floral rug. And since the cottagecore vibe is more-is-more, layering florals on florals on florals will only get you closer to the look you’re after. We recommend varying size and scale and keeping a common color palette throughout your design to keep your space serene.

Sleep In the Forest

Imagine waking up each day in your cottagecore bedroom in a silvery birch forest. You can get this nature-inspired touch, thanks to peel-and-stick wallpaper. It’s a breeze to install, easy to remove -- and brings the outdoors right into your dreamy retreat.  

Invite Nature In

Get the full cottagecore aesthetic in your bedroom by harmonizing your look with nature. Layer the sweet flower patterns on your bedding with throw pillows featuring woodland creatures to make your room even cozier. Go ahead and embrace the maximalist vibe of cottagecore style and mix and match flowery and botanical patterns. 

Want to learn how to mix and match patterns like a pro? Check out our tips here

Take In the Greenery

To bring the full pastoral ambiance into your cottagecore bedroom, botanicals are a must. But don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb. Faux plants, trees, and wreaths breathe fresh air into your room without having to worry about a watering schedule. This eucalyptus wreath will look charming over your bed. To add a starry ambient glow, weave in some twinkling fairy lights

Fanciful Lighting

This sweet whimsical light fixture captures the nostalgia of spending the afternoon in a meadow making daisy chains for your hair -- even if you’ve never done that before. Delicate rows of crystal flowers evoke memories of a simpler time that you can capture right in your own cottagecore bedroom. 

Enchanting Wall Art

We found the dreamiest mirror of them all for your cottagecore bedroom. With its feminine curves and ornate antique details, it’s practically begging for you to recreate your own Snow White moment … you know the line! Whether this vintage-inspired mirror is more fabulous or functional is too close to call. But we do know your morning skincare routine is about to get a little more fanciful. 

Charming Decor

To fully embrace the cottagecore aesthetic, go ahead and set out all your cute and flowery things. Don’t worry about it being too much -- there is no such thing when it comes to displaying your antique-inspired finds. Like this darling garden-motif pitcher. Fill it with fuss-free faux blooms and set it next to your bed so you can fall asleep dreaming of fields of flowers. 

Create Your Cottagecore Bedroom

Ready to style your own dreamy retreat with all things cottagecore? Pier 1 has you covered with vintage-inspired bedding, bedroom furniture, rugs, lighting, greenery, wall art, accents, and more. Start styling your own country cottage style at today. 

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