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What Does Your Design Style Reveal About Your Personality?

As you walk through life, you leave a trail of clues about your personality. Your hobbies, the way you dress, the car you drive -- and, of course, how you decorate your home. Which makes perfect sense. The spaces where you unwind at the end of the day or invite friends over for dinner should look and feel like you. 

 So, what do you think your interior design style says about your personality? Find your style and see!


Style: If you’re into modern glam decor, you love creating inviting and elegant spaces for relaxing and entertaining. You opt for sophisticated furniture in simple silhouettes and a classic black and white palette with pops of rich jewel tones. Luxurious plush textures, mirrored accents, and sleek finishes give your style that old Hollywood feel that makes your heart happy. 

Personality: You have a penchant for the finer things in life and are drawn to things that shimmer and shine. You’re elegant, poised, and really quite fabulous. When you entertain, it’s an all-out affair where you splurge on nothing but the best for those you love. 



Style: An eclectic mix of worldly finds in global-inspired fabrics and patterns makes your style expressive and approachable. A warm, earthy palette sets the stage for spicy pops of color and layers upon layers of multicultural finds. Cozy low-slung furniture and unfussy accessories create a relaxed vibe, while shimmery beaded accents add a touch of glamour. 

Personality: You’re free-spirited and throw yourself enthusiastically into everything you do. You don’t mind if things aren’t always put back in place -- and sometimes even prefer it that way. You love to create, whether it’s art, music, food, or your own decor style. When you entertain, you enjoy inviting your loved ones on an exploration of global flavors and cuisines. 



Style: Your aesthetic takes serious cues from abandoned warehouses, as evidenced by your love for brick walls, exposed pipes, and metal beams. You’ve mastered the art of making raw materials feel warm and inviting through your use of dark colors and natural fibers. Because your look is laid-back and lived-in, everyone feels welcome in your home. 

Personality: You value function and efficiency and are drawn to anything with unrefined, natural beauty. Flashy and decorative aren’t in your vocabulary, but you have an eye for artistic details, and you love to express your personality with unique things. Whether you’re hosting brunch or happy hour, your classic craft cocktails are what everyone remembers. 



Style: Clean shapes and modern silhouettes rule your design choices to create your warm and homey style. You lean toward light woods, thick shag rugs, and cozy accents like plants and conversation-piece decor. And your superpower is cleverly off-setting warm neutrals with unexpected pops of color. 

Personality: You definitely have a creative streak and are big into individualism. You’re fuss-free and value function, but never at the expense of style. You know you can have both. You’re not one to follow the beaten path anywhere and prefer to put your own spin on things. Your dinner parties are casual, interactive feasts where everyone is in the kitchen. 



Style: Your home is relaxed and comfortable with rustic touches and charming details. Mixing industrial, minimalist, and Scandinavian decor creates an eclectic style that can only be yours. Organic materials and raw textures contrast with sleek marble and matte iron for a simple and sophisticated style. An earthy neutral color palette keeps your look cozy and inviting. 

Personality: An outdoor lover, you are magnetically drawn to nature and are eager to try new things. You’re warm and welcoming and enjoy making others feel comfortable. Your wardrobe is built on the classics, but you keep your look current with a trendy piece here and there. Dinner is family-style, and no one leaves without having a piece of your homemade pie.



Style: Your home has a beachy flair with weathered woods, airy fabrics, and ocean hues. And it smells like fresh sea breezes. Durable jute rugs stand up to sandy feet, and relaxed overstuffed furniture offers casual seating for relaxing after a day in the sun. Seaglass, shells, and driftwood accents evoke day-on-the-beach finds, while nautical elements add timeless elegance. 

Personality: You’d rather have your feet in the sand than shoes any day. You’ll travel anywhere the sun is shining. You seek solace in peaceful surroundings for thought and reflection. You feed your creative tendencies with artistic expressions like art or music. Gatherings at your home are cozy, casual backyard BBQs with an abundance of fresh tropical flavors. 


Find Your Style at Pier 1

So, do you see yourself  in any of these design styles? Or, if you’re like many, as your style evolves over time, you may see yourself in a few different styles. Whether you’re full-on glam or a little boho and a little mid-Century, you can find all the furniture, decor, and accessories to express your unique sense of style right here at Pier1.com.