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Console tables come to the rescue when you need a place to set your keys when you walk in the door or flip on a light to find your way down the hallway. They’re also an excellent canvas to showcase your one-of-a-kind sense of style.  

Take a look at some of our favorite how-tos for inspiration to style your console table so you love it even more. 

Get Inspired

Before you start styling anything, find your muse to help you decide on your color palette. A rug or your favorite piece of art from across the room are excellent sources of inspiration. Choose no more than three or four colors to use in your console design to ensure a cohesive look. 

Anchor Your Design

Whether your console table has a bottom shelf or is open at the bottom, ground your look and balance the visual weight of the table by placing large items down below. Baskets add a textural element and convenient storage for stashing blankets, dog toys, or shoes. Or tuck a bench or pair of small stools for ready-when-you-need-it seating.  

Add Art

Hang or lean statement wall art or a showpiece mirror over your console table. Since this will be your primary focal point, feel free to go bold with vibrant colors or a graphic print. Pick a singular showstopping piece, diptych or triptych art, or a set of four to six prints. If your space is begging for a mirror, find one with a frame that will add texture to your style. 

To keep your style balanced and in proportion, choose art that is one-half to two-thirds the width of your table. Lean it against the wall or hang it six inches above the table. 

Go High

Anchor your style with something tall on one side. Look for interesting details like contrasting materials, sculptural shapes, and pops of color. A pair of geometric print vases in varying heights or a grouping of statuesque candlesticks will do the trick quite nicely. 

Go Low

Next, contrast your towering decor with something low that will draw the eye across your table. Decorative accessories in a mixture of shapes, materials, and textures give your console table depth and come-closer interest. This set of gold and black sculptures packs a design punch because they add spiky texture, metallic shine, and contrasting matte finish -- all in just two little pieces. 

Fill Your Spaces

Now that you’ve created structure for your console table, this is where you get to go wild and let your creative spirit take you where it will. Fill in your shelves with a variety of conversation-starting accent pieces with interesting shapes and textures. 

  • Use boxes, trays, and bowls to add stylish storage to your design.  
  • Add greenery or florals to give your look a soft, organic feel.
  • Play with warm woods and cool stone accents to add contrast.  
  • Cluster and layer items in groups of two or three to create a natural feel.
  • Stack books to add height and dimension.

Light Up Your Look

Lighting up your console table is always a good idea not only from an aesthetic standpoint but also from a functional one. You can express your unique style with an artistic table lamp that also illuminates your look and throws interesting shadows across your table. Diversify your design with a lamp that brings new colors, shapes, textures, or materials to your console table style. 

Stretch Your Style

Since your style limits know no bounds, go ahead and keep designing well outside the confines of your console table. Extending your design past your table elongates the visual line of your table and can help you fill up a large blank wall. Flank your table with a pair of dining chairs with eye-catching details and accessorize them with accent pillows for an additional pop of color. You can also install wall sconces on either side of your mirror or wall art for another sculptural element that enhances your home with warm ambient lighting.  

Style Your Console Table

Ready to start styling your console table? Take a spin through Pier1 for all the design inspiration you need. Shop for wall art, mirrors, decorative accessories, table lamps, and other decor that catches your eye, and put your unique spin on your console table. 


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