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How To Style a Showy Statement Chair

There’s just something about an eye-candy accent chair. It jolts vitality into neutral spaces, spreading joy everywhere it sits. A bright and colorful chair is also a fun way to play with patterns and introduce new colors to your home decor. 

So if you’re feeling inspired to update your look with a show-stopping statement chair, keep reading for tips to make any color or pattern work. 

Soften a Bright Color

Introducing a bright fuschia accent chair adds a bright pop of cheer, but if you don’t have anything else of the same hue in your home, you might not be sure how to go about creating a cohesive look.  
Try taking a spin through the color wheel (remember that from art class?) to find some color inspiration. There are several types of color combinations that can help guide style choices. When trying to tone down a loud color, the two that may help out the most are monochromatic and analogous.



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Playing Down Patterns

A bold patterned chair is a thing of beauty and can look great in any space for many years. If you’d rather it not take center stage, however, there are ways you can give it a very good life as a supporting role in your home decor. 

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