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How To: Style an Apartment Entryway

Your apartment doesn’t have to open up into a grand entrance hall to have a welcoming entryway that catches your keys and shoes -- and makes you smile. No matter how tiny your apartment, no space is too small to eke out an entry that is functional and fabulous. 

Define Your Space

Whatever space you have right inside your door, plant your flag and call it your entryway. It doesn’t need to have separation from the rest of your home to have its own vibe. 

Lay Down a Rug

Select a rug with a pile that is low enough to clear the door. It should also be large enough that you can move about the space without having to step on and off of it. A highly patterned rug will hide dirt while making a bold statement right off the bat. 


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Shine a Light

As long as your property manager is cool with it, go ahead and swap out your basic overhead light for a statement pendant light. Leveling up your lighting makes a bold first impression and gives the space a more spacious and substantial feel. 

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Wow Your Walls

A bold and creative way to delineate your entryway is to give the walls a little extra love. And since painting might not be allowed, go with peel-and-stick wallpaper for the win. It’s shockingly easy to install yourself and comes off like it was never there. 

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Make It Functional

It’s not too much to ask for even the teensiest of entry areas to be a highly functioning dropzone for everything you schlep through the door. The trick is to find the right pieces for your specific needs without overwhelming the space. 

Set a Table

It’s handy to have a place to set things as soon as you step inside, so a console table makes a ton of sense. An open design, like the one below, offers versatility while taking up very little visual space. 


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Hang Hooks

If you don’t have the luxury of a closet, no big whoop. Place hooks wherever is handiest for you to hang your coats and stuff. See that space under the console table? It’s a perfect place for a row of hooks to hold your bags, hats, and scarves. 

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Mount a Mirror

A mirror is a must-have so you can catch one last glance before you head out the door. Plus, it will make your apartment feel airy and spacious. When choosing a mirror to put over a console table, look for one that is about two-thirds the width of the table. 

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Have a Seat

It’s nice to offer a space for your guests to sit when they remove their shoes. It’s a bonus if said seating also provides storage for your shoes and accessories -- and looks chic as all get-out. 

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Organize & Accessorize Your Space

Keep your stuff sorted by giving everything a distinct place to go. 

  • Wire wall-mount bins keep your mail and important docs sorted and easy to see. 
  • Baskets stash shoes and accessories and add textural interest. 
  • Pretty boxes and bowls catch and conceal keys, sunglasses, and spare change. 
  • Faux blooms brighten your day and present a cheerful welcome to your guests. 


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