One Wreath For All Seasons - Pier 1


One of the many joys of changing seasons is decorating your home for all the special times of the year. But, unless you have unlimited storage, it can be tricky to find the space to stash all four seasons’ worth of decor. And sometimes, it’s just too sad to pack things away for a whole year

So, we’re taking a classic evergreen wreath (which is already naturally perennial!) and styling it for all four seasons for your year-round decorating inspiration. 


Let’s face it, a post-Christmas mantle can feel a little lackluster. So let’s spring it up! Embellish your wreath with pink and white peony picks or pastel Easter eggs and center it over a farmhouse mirror to create a fresh focal point over the fireplace. Adorn your mantle with a springy peony garland, then prop up rose-toned wall art and layer in an accent lantern for soft glimmering light. Complete the springtime transformation with sweet scents of wild dahlia



Come summertime, it’s all about spending as much time as possible outside. So go ahead and move your wreath out onto the deck or patio where you can enjoy it. Hang it with a nautical blue and white striped ribbon and tuck in some artificial lemon floral picks. Carry the fresh-squeezed look through to your patio dining area with a lemony table runner, cerulean garden stool, and a crisp white bench with citrusy pillows. Breezy fragrances of fresh sea air carry your cares away. 



When the first crimson-tinged leaf drifts to the ground, it’s time to fall-ify the front door. But since Mother Nature already provides a colorful display, how about a neutral wreath? Ivory pumpkins, creamy berries, and burlap create an elegant fall look. Dress up your doorway with apple barrels bursting with mums, a quirky garden gnome, black and white decorative pumpkins, and a copper lantern. Welcome your guests with a tufted fall-hued doormat



When it’s time to decorate for Christmas, consider creating a Christmassy vignette in a space you don’t usually deck out for the holidays, like a powder room or the kitchen. Start by tucking jolly holly and frosty berry picks into your wreath and tie it with a red satin or velvet ribbon. Embellish the space with an icy garland, festive wall art, a gilded star, a stately nutcracker, and your favorite fragrance of the season. 



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