• Looking for the write stuff?

    From actual chalkboards to chalk-inspired artwork and even barware, this is one black-and-white trend that won’t be erased anytime soon. Here are a few tips you can draw on when creating your own looks.

    Chalk it up to your style
  • Chalk one up

    Which way is the write way for you? Whether you want to add a little fun to your tabletop or your coffee table, there are plenty of options for adding chalkboard style to any room. Drinkware with writable surfaces, placecard holders, cheese boards, coasters—the list is almost endless. No really, it’s endless, because you can always erase what’s currently written and update it.

  • To do list
    Mornin' Sunshine

    Label Makers

    Rustic farm appeal meets modern organization with writable labels. No peel-and-stick fussiness here. Just a basket, a writing surface and a piece of chalk. Easy as 1-2-3.

  • Eat Drink Give thanks

    Looks You’ll Love

    Not proud of your penmanship? No problem. Another look that reflects the appeal of chalkboards without the need to actually write anything yourself is a piece of wall art that is painted to mimic the style. You get all the credit and none of the eraser-cleaning duty.

  • Somerdale

    Big Cheese

    You’ll look like the host (or hostess) with the most sense by setting out rewritable labels on your smorgasbord. Ran out of Gouda and substituted the Manchego instead? No one will be surprised since you wiped off and updated the ID card.

    Bon appetit

    First Place

    Who needs placecards or placecard holders, for that matter, when you have a writable placemat? Let guests know where to sit, identify where the gluten-free pancakes are being served or just say good morning by putting chalk to placemat.

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