5 Easy looks that can be uniquely yours

It's easy to let your personality shine through with a few changes to your outdoor cushions, pillows and accents.

The Peacemaker The Traditionalist The Life of the Party The Contemporary The Refresher

Find the look that fits your personality

1. The Peacemaker

Your calming influence makes you the kind of person that people love to open up to. Create a safe harbor for relaxing and unwinding with soothing hues inspired by serene ocean currents and accents that are reminiscent of a casual stroll on the beach. Shop Now

2. The Traditionalist

As a freedom lover, you take your pursuit of happiness seriously—and it shows in the way you celebrate life. You’re drawn to the tried-and-true look of traditional nautical themes in red, white and blue. Maybe you’ll let the kids light some sparklers later. Shop Now

3. The Life of the Party

Because you’re a natural extrovert, everyone always seems to end up at your house when it’s time for a party. Let your look match your sparkling personality with bold colors and whimsical touches that invite mingling, laughter and maybe an impromptu conga line. Shop now

4. The Contemporary

You’re not easily distracted by all that glitters. Your find your teasures in meaningful conversations and real connections. A clean, modern look with sleek lines and neutral colors will foster that desire to keep it simple and dig a little deeper. Shop now

5. The Refresher

You know a margarita won’t fix your problems, but it certainly can’t hurt, right? You just need a place to relax and recharge until you’re ready to take on the world again. A beach cabana feel with wide stripes, sunset colors and a few party animals should do the trick. Shop now