Dress Your Desk

Be Inspired: Dress your desk for success

A well dressed desk

A Place That's Yours

Create a space that’s both get-the job-done and sit-back-and-relax.

Wherever you put your desk, it can reflect who you are and what you like. Design a nook that’s as conducive to stress relief as it is to a sense of accomplishment—a place for self-care activities like catalog browsing and manicuring, as well as bill paying and list making.

Well organized desk from the top
Close up of organized desk

Bright Ideas:

  • Warm up your work space—try an upholstered dining chair like our Adelaide and our Grand Shag Rug
  • Keep everything organized—use our handcrafted box to stash pens, receipts, even your favorite nail color
  • Finishing touches—continue with everlasting faux florals and our fragrant Sea Air™ Ribbed Filled Jar Candle

Dual Desks

Work together—face to face or side to side. Your space. Your choice.

Face to face desks

Whether you’re designing homework central or sharing a home office, our Metro Desks are the right foundation for your personal work space. For the minimalist, our Zach Dining Chair and for something more luxe, our upholstered Brennon Swivel Desk Armchair.

Bright Ideas:

  • Add a pop of color and personality with short faux florals in a favorite coffee cup
  • Our Jolene Utensil Caddy for flatware also works for notepads, pens, pencils and scissors
  • Keep memorabilia nearby with our Nailhead Fillable Table Lamp—treat it like a desktop scrapbook
Faux Florals
Nailhead fillable table lamp
Jolene Utensil Caddy

Office Desk

Who’s the star of your home office? You are!

Prepared Office Desk

You’ll be eager to start your day at our glamourous Hayworth Desk. This mirrored wonder has a generous top and roomy drawers giving it a practical work ethic, too. Add to its allure with our upholstered Corinne Dining Chair and the toe-tickling sheepskin rug.

Caitlin Gold Paper Tray and Desk Organizer

Bright Ideas:

  • Keep things neat and tidy with our Caitlin Gold Paper Tray and Desk Organizer
  • A pretty votive holder contains pencils and pens
  • Tall faux florals add height and a touch of beauty—without blocking your view

Small Spaces

Short on space? No worries. Our Morgan Desk is big on efficiency.

Stocked Morgan Desk

At just over 30” wide and nearly 6’ tall, Morgan fits easily into any space of a room with its long, lean look. Stack books on top shelf and use roomy drawers for storage of less frequently used items. Our compact Zach Dining Chair tucks in neatly when you’re not working.

Close up of Morgan desk

Bright Ideas:

  • Generous lap drawer helps keep you organized with room for a calendar, planner or notebooks
  • Our neutral Honeycomb Table Lamp has a compact demeanor
  • Keep it lively with loosely arranged faux florals and a memorable vacation photo
Jar of pencils on Morgan desk
Table lamp on Morgan desk
Open drawer on Morgan desk
Arranged faux florals on Morgan desk