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Forest Friends

Make some new friends this fall!

Our handcrafted Forest Friends each have their own style and personality. You’re sure to meet a few that will become your instant favorites. From our intrepid guide Scout to our darling decorator Dinah, you’ll want to visit our collectible critters year after year.

Create Your Own Magical Forest

Tracking down the Locals

Our Forest Friends have unique personalities—some are ready for adventure while others are perfectly happy to chill by the campfire and enjoy the changing seasons in their forest. Which will be your guide to fall?

Forest Friends Scout


“Don’t let a little rough water keep you from adventure!”

Forest Friends Louie and Lottie

Louie & Lottie

“Through ups and downs, we’ll always be best friends.”

Forest Friends Sheldon


“This is the biggest acorn yet!”

Forest Friends Doris


“My two favorite things: Gathering and gatherings.”

Forest Friends Huey


“I call this one ‘Ode to an Acorn in G’. Sing along if you know it.”

Forest Friends Misha


“Kindness is like honey. Mmm honey. Wait, what was I saying?”

Forest Friends Laurel


“I’m a champion leaf-pile leaper!”

Forest Friends Maxine


“It’s going to be a perfect fall. I can feel it in my antlers.”

Forest Friends Dinah


“Everything is prettier with pinecones and a few berries.”

Invite the Great Outdoors In

From feasts fit for the forest to a dinnertime serenade, our Forest Friends love the great indoors. We’ve gathered our best woodland decorating ideas, including steps to design your own woodland display.

Feast in the Forest

A Fanciful Feast

Here’s a feast fit for our Forest Friends. With Maxine at the helm, there will be wonderful woodland treats for everyone—mushroom cupcakes, fresh berries, a delicious cake shaped like a log and other sweet treats.

She’s asked her friends, who are pros at gathering, to help her decorate with vibrant fall leaves and the brightest berries.

Woodland Nuts and Berries
Twiggy Treats

Twiggy Treats

- 12 jumbo marshmallows
- 1-2 ounces of dark or milk chocolate melts
- 12 small pretzel sticks
- Crushed nuts, graham crackers or pretzel sticks

Melt chocolate, let cool slightly and then push pretzel sticks into the jumbo marshmallows. Dip the bottoms into the chocolate and into the crushed toppings. Let cool on wax paper and then arrange on a serving plate. It’s s’mores without the smoke!

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Huey on the table

In the Grove

Let our resident woodland musician take center stage in a centerpiece that features a tray, the prettiest pale pumpkins and artfully arranged stems. Mercury glass votive holders provide the footlights to this enchanting dinnertime serenade.

Branch Out

Our critters may be from the forest, but they love to come inside and inspire your fall festivities. They’ll happily explore bookshelves, mantels, buffets and tabletops. Really, anywhere there’s a chance to gather, they’ll appear.

Forest Friends on your desk

Woodland Tales

There’s a reason so many stories take place in the woods. Our friends are naturally drawn to cozy chairs, nesting in nooks and peeking out from woodland arrangements. Dinah recommends pairing up with a glistening glass pumpkin for a storybook look.

Forest Friends on a bookshelf
Forest Friends nut dish

Sitting Pretty

You’d be nuts to not display our adorable squirrels surrounded by their favorite thing. Complement natural textures with gleaming copper drinkware and brightly embroidered throw pillows.

In the Clearing

Smaller spaces can still boast the smiling faces of our charming critters. Create a small clearing with your favorite Forest Friends perched on a pedestal server under a leafy placemat. Arrange a few smaller critters with some faux foliage stems because there’s always a little more room for friends.

Create Your
Own Forest!

Want to create your own wonderful woodland scene? Pick a cool afternoon, get some hot chocolate and we’ll provide all the inspiration.

When you’re done, snap some photos and share them with us by using #pier1love on Instagram. We’d love to see how you fill your forest.

Pebbles and Moss

We used our pebble and moss bowl filler to make the banks of our lazy river.

Dakota serving platters

Give your critters a place to play by using our Dakota serving platters as their bases.


You’ll need a lookout, so let someone perch on a pedestal made from natural materials to keep an eye on your forest’s comings and goings.

Prop a Pond

Do you prefer ponds or rivers? Put down a layer of blue wrapping paper or fabric and give it a watery shine with cellophane or even some cling wrap.

Faux birch nesting pedestals

Adding height is always a good design choice and you’ll be able to see the forest and the trees. Clever idea: Use our faux birch nesting pedestals for a perfect perch.