Our glass Exhibit Lamp is a stunning showcase for your own expression of personal style. An opening at the top of the fillable lamp base allows you to place decorative objects inside for a custom display. We have plenty of ideas for ingenious ingredients to help you create a gallery-worthy exhibit. SHOP NOW >

As opposed to ordinary glass table lamps, our Exhibit Lamp gives you the option to update your decor as often as you’d like. Simple bowl fillers can change the look of the lamp, for seasonal occasions or to revitalize your room.

River rocks topped with a faux floral stem give fillable lamps natural appeal.

Faux florals have a lasting impact when put on exhibit. Giant sunflowers and beautiful blossoms become visual art under lamplight. Choose your favorite floral for a display that’s more than just garden-variety.

Our stacked marble stones highlight this ultra-modern lamp’s geometric design.

Artificial fruits, such as lemons, oranges and pears, brighten our Exhibit Lamp even during the daytime. Turn on the lamp to shine the spotlight on a tempting showcase and a colorful composition for your dining or living room.

Create harmony in your home by coordinating the materials you place inside the fillable lamp base with your existing decor. For a cottage look, try naturally preserved florals, or for a glam interior, use ingredients rich in metallic tones.

Complement coastal decor with mixed sea glass for a splash of color and texture.

Think color and texture when creating your showcase. Soft, earthy moss also pairs well with a single faux floral stem, creating a look that truly is evergreen.

With so many different types of fillers available, we know you’ll find one that speaks to you. But don’t limit yourself. Candy, corks, holiday ornaments and more unexpected objects can create a one-of-a-kind display. Unlike other table lamps, our Exhibit Lamp calls for an artful arrangement that’s decidedly you.