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Want to know what Spring 2018’s best-dressed homes will be wearing? Read on for easy tips explaining how to translate the fashion world’s biggest trends into the style refresh you’re craving right now. Definitely DO try these trends at home.


Bright Vintage Blooms

While florals and spring may seem a predictable pairing, who can resist these vibrant, vintage-y prints? Hint: Not us!

Lively Garden Curtain

Renew your view with fresh-picked floral panels in shades of rosy pink and sky blue.

Full Bloom Appetizer Plate Set

Plan a garden party or fancy picnic around pretty floral plates designed to serve up tasty nibbles.

Bountiful Blooms Table Runner

Rethink the term “floral centerpiece” and let our meadow-inspired runner brighten up the middle of your table.


Deconstructed Trim & Fringe

One of the most dominant design trends: Fringe that’s earthy, deconstructed and eclectic. Soon to be showing up on walls, tables, sofas-you name it.

Desert Oasis Woven Table Runner

Inspired by terracotta pots and sunsets, our table runner’s colors make it a Southwestern standout.

Fringe Textured Striped Pillow

Save a spot on the sofa for this major mashup of tassels, roughed-up edges and stripes.

Pink Woven Wall Decor

Instantly upgrade your wall’s textural interest with fringed art in pretty pink and neutrals.


Delicate Feathers

Fashion editors everywhere are flocking to the eccentric sense of style and inherent symbolism of feathers. No wonder this trend’s flying high.

Feathers Doormat

Welcome all who enter your home with oversized feathers in a bold graphic print.

Dreamcatcher Pillow

Rest easy while feathers and beads ensure favorable dreams, even if you fall asleep on the sofa.

Painted & Jeweled Feather Goblet

Raise a finely feathered and bejeweled glass to your love of all things over-the-top fabulous.


Colorful Critters

All kinds of stylish species are making themselves at home, and we couldn’t be happier. Living in a llama-enhanced abode? Count us in!

Hand-Woven Llama Fruit Holder

Let our artisan-crafted llama take command of the countertop and safeguard your oranges.

Llama Cart Pillow

Give in to a load of llama cuteness with our colorful tassel-trimmed oblong pillow.

Desert Llama Salad Plates

Since llamas are herbivores, it’s only fitting they star on our set of salad plates, don’t you agree?


Blush Palette

Whether it’s called blush, rose quartz, soft shell or millennial pink, this iconic color is undeniably appealing and still going strong.

Melina Blush Wing Chair

Embrace the unexpected and create an exciting effect with our classic wing chair in the palest pink.

Teardrop Luxe Blush Table Lamp

Know how a stroke of blush brightens your face? Our pretty pink lamp has the same effect on your living space.

Pink Hammered Glass Charger

Swap out your basic chargers for a sleek design in icy pink that’s surprisingly versatile.


Sequin Shimmer

Move over, matte. Time to shine a light on a few shining examples of accents that amp up your home’s glam game.

Kiara Mosaic Table Lamp

By mixing mosaic with metallic, our table lamp gives off a little spark of something special.

Mermaid Beaded Table Runner

Just picture how amazing and magical our beaded table runner will be in a coastal chic home.

Gold Sequined Mermaid Pillow

If our sequined pillow was jewelry, it would be a cushion-cut dazzler with nonstop sparkle.


Broken Stripes

Even a look as universally loved as stripes can do with a style reboot, and we’re lining up to see what’s next.

Dileep for Pier 1 Finn Cabinet

Introducing our mid-century design in a mix of wood tones for a rustically streamlined look.

Denim Ombre Rug

Pair the universal appeal of denim with an ombre effect for a go-with-anything essential.

Chunky Plaid Pillow With Shells

Plaid proves it’s both classic and cool by substituting shells for buttons or pompoms.