There’s so much you can do with a humble succulent. They come in so many shapes, sizes and colors that the options are limitless. So we gave our stylists from all over the U.S. a Pier 1 Style Box of faux succulents (and you thought the real ones were easy to care for) and asked them to add a little succulence to their decor.

Paired with Pottery

Natural, earthy textures are just made to go with these greens.

- Penny Plavidal

Perfectly Placed

Take a few and show them off like jewels in small settings.

- Michael Malone

Cabinet of Curiosities

The unique shapes of succulents really complement eclectic displays of your favorite things.

- Stephanie Philpott

Pretty Portable

Versatile DIY terracotta pots let you showcase your garden indoors and out.

- Kristin Green-Meyer

Books & Brunch

Just add succulents for a smart centerpiece or point of interest.

- Brad Hatton

Small Moments

They're the perfect size to tuck into tiny treasures and get a little extra with matches that...match!

- Heidi Adams