It’s the biggest meal of the year, so of course, you want to pull out all the stops! We’re here to show you how to make this merry gobbler out of just two napkins in less than 5 minutes!

Materials Needed: • 2 20-inch square cloth napkins • 1 clothespin • 1 6-by-5-inch piece of aluminum foil • iron

Unfold napkin completely.

Fold in half.

Fold in half again.

Unfold to locate center.

Place foil in center. This will be to keep the bend in the turkey’s head.

Fold in half.

Turn napkin and fold one corner in...

And now the other to form a point.

Iron to sharpen and set the folds.

Fold corners in again.

Iron to sharpen and set the folds.

Turn over and aim the smaller point towards you.

Fold upwards as shown. You can start to see the turkey take shape now!

Here’s where we fold down the head and the tin foil does its job.


Time for the tail! Fold napkin in half.

Fold over one pleat to start the tail.

Iron to sharpen and set the fold.

Continue to accordion fold the pleats and iron them down.

Find the middle.


Here’s where we use the clothespin!

Clip the end folds together.

Fan them out to make the tail.

Now, just place the plumage on top of your first napkin.

Add a napkin ring for decoration and you’re ready to gobble!