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Give your home a fresh, relaxing vibe with nods to nature throughout your spaces. Adding natural elements to your home like wicker, wood, stone, greenery, and fragrances found in nature can create an ambiance that’s just as calming as if you were actually outside. 

And if you think natural elements home decor is only for those who love a rustic, outdoorsy vibe -- not so fast. Natural elements are for every design style, even the glamtastic. 

Take a look at our 11 favorite ways to add natural elements to your home. 

Marble + Branches

This lamp is a case study in the juxtaposition of glamorous and natural elements in home decor. Polished marble and silver gilding are uber-glammy, while the textural tree branch and natural linen shade keep the look solidly grounded in nature. Set it on your nightstand to create a calming effect in your bedroom or display it as statement artwork on your entry console table. 


Some say feathers are a symbol of hope, others say it’s freedom and spirit. Either way, this sophisticated wallpaper pattern with birds flocked together will have a calming effect wherever you put it. Create a soothing statement wall in your bedroom to gaze at while you drift off to sleep or hang it on your bathroom ceiling so you can admire it while you soak your cares away in the tub. 

Reclaimed Wood

Whenever you add natural elements like reclaimed wood to your home decor, you’re opening your door and letting history in. So while you’re stocking this gorgeous cabinet with your dishes or stashing your office supplies in it, go ahead and let your mind wander to its origin story. Where did the wood come from? Who harvested it? Consider how it provided purpose in its first life and beauty in its second. Then notice how calm and relaxed you are just thinking about it. 


When you’re looking for ways to use natural elements for home decor, wicker is a timeless choice. Known equally for its strength, durability, and natural beauty, wicker adds textural interest and even an exotic taste of the tropics to your decor. Use this decorative and functional panel to zone off your WFH space and provide a calming influence to your workday.  


Not only is bamboo an eco-friendly powerhouse and incredibly sustainable (it’s been known to grow over 45 inches in 24 hours!) its beauty is undeniable. And some studies show that just looking at bamboo can have a calming effect, which is why it’s one of our favorite natural elements for home decor. So hang this mirror above a console table in your entryway to set a chill tone for the rest of your home.


Jute is a natural fiber made from plant material, then spun into threads that are woven into baskets, rugs, pillows, and other decor. Jute rugs are durable and low maintenance, and add texture and a touch of earthiness to your decor. A perfect fit in your high traffic areas like hallways and entryways, jute rugs will stand up to furry feet and little kiddos running around. 

Sea Air

Breathing in the calming scents of flowers and plants can help relieve stress and make us feel happy and relaxed. So when you’re adding natural elements to your home decor, don’t overlook the power of aromatherapy. Our exclusive Sea Air scent makes your home smell like you just threw open the shuttered windows of your tropical beach house by the sea. Fill your home with the fresh scents of jasmine, white lilac, gardenia, and peach to create a relaxing escape in any room. 


Did you know that looking at green leafy plants is an instant mood-booster? Even artificial plants. Which is just one of the things we love so much about this potted Phoenix Palm. Paired with a handmade woven basket, it packs two natural elements into your home right along with its abundance of lush, very real-looking, and very relaxing palm leaves. 


Even if you’re landlocked without a natural body of water anywhere in sight, you can still reap the relaxing rewards that come from looking at and listening to water. Adding a tabletop fountain with flowing water to your living room or home office can help calm your mind and improve concentration. Or cash in on the snooze-inducing effects of adding natural elements to your bedroom for a restful night’s sleep. 


What’s not to love about coral? Its perfectly imperfect organic shape adds texture and interest to your decor and a coastal spin to your style. Use it as a singular statement piece on your living room coffee table, or create a seaside vignette on your mantle with sea glass, shells, lanterns, and other beachy accents. Then sit back and take in the calming coastal effects. 

Natural Wood + Pine Cones

Even the most modern homes can infuse a healthy dose of natural elements into their home decor. Just look at this natural wood pine cone light fixture. Its angular shapes and blonde wood are oh-so modern, but the natural pine cone silhouette is decidedly organic. And even a little bit woodsy, in the most contemporary of ways. It will add a warm glow to your kitchen or dining room and complement your modern or mid-century style.

Add Natural Elements to Your Home Decor

Wondering if adding natural elements to your home can really help you relax? The results are in, and the conclusion is undeniable. Surrounding yourself with gorgeous decor made from items found in the outdoors, or even reminiscent of nature, can create a calming environment that can make you feel happier, more focused, and even get better sleep. 

When you’re looking for decor inspired by Mother Nature that suits your design style -- whether it’s rustic, beachy, modern, boho, or glam -- you can find it right here at Pier1. 



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