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The layered rug look is so cozy and chic -- and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, the comfier we make our homes, the more it makes sense to stack soft rugs on top of other, softer rugs. 

To achieve this stylish look for yourself, read through our five top tips for mastering the art of rug layering. 

Vary Sizes + Shapes

The first step to layering rugs is to start with a large base that is at least 12-18” larger than the top layer. Large-rectangle on top of slightly-smaller-rectangle is an on-trend and very beautiful look. But, this isn’t the only formula for layering rugs. You can create plenty of other interesting combos with a large rectangular base topped with different shapes, such as a round rug or a faux animal hide. 

Also, don’t be afraid to layer more than two rugs. The perfect place for layering multiple rugs is in the bedroom. Start with one large rug under your bed, then add two smaller round, rectangular, or runner rugs on either side so you can step onto something soft and squishy first thing in the morning.

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Harmonize Colors + Patterns

Mixing colors and patterns is a fun way to give new life to your look. If the decor in your room is pretty neutral, go for it and layer pattern-on-pattern to add interest and depth. Varying the type and scale of the patterns will keep the look from being too busy or overwhelming. Choose one color to pull through both rugs to create cohesion and harmony.

 If you already have quite a few patterns in your furniture and accessories, mixing a pattern with a solid still allows you to introduce a new print to the mix while keeping your overall style subtle and soft.

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Mix Textures

A fave rug layering combo is neutral jute or sisal topped with a color or pattern that complements the colors in the room. But, just like patterns, don’t shy away from mixing textures to add contrast to your style. We love to mix shag, chunky wool, and jute for a natural and organic look.


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Geometric Moroccan Shag Rug

Play With Angles

Part of the fun of adding new decor to your space is playing around with it to find just the right place for everything. Same goes when you layer your rugs. Your largest rug should be placed in such a way to anchor the space, so line it up with your furniture and place at least the front feet of your furniture on the rug. Then for your second rug, try laying it at an angle for an easy-breezy look. Angling your rug can also add versatility to your living room by adding more floor-lounging spaces for big fluffy pillows or poufs.

Swap Out the Seasons

Just like your mantel and front door, layered rugs love to be changed out for the seasons. In the summer, low-pile flatweaves and dhurries and natural fibers like jute and cotton keep your look light and airy. When the temps turn cooler, high-pile rugs made of thick wools and plush shag create a cozy ambiance and feel warm on your feet.

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