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Make the most of the sunny season by designing your very own outdoor room. If you already have a sun-splashed deck or a cool outdoor patio, lucky you! But you don’t need anything more than a small outdoor space to create a comfy place to chill out all summer long with these simple design tips. 

Figure Out Its Function

The best way to begin designing your outdoor room is by deciding how you’re going to use the space. Although your answer may be “a little bit of everything,” try to be specific -- and realistic -- about what you plan to do out there. 

Open-Air Dining

If you dream of designing an alfresco dining space, you’ll need very different types of outdoor furniture than if you’re just going to be lounging in the sun. Consider the maximum number of people you’ll be entertaining and plan your outdoor dining room accordingly. 

An outdoor dining room table with bench seating provides flexible seating for little ones -- -and you can use the bench as a coffee table or plant stand when you’re not entertaining. Try to place your outdoor dining table in a shaded area to keep your guests comfortable and cool. 

Laid Back Lounging

For a chill-out zone that’s dedicated to kicking back and relaxing, think about adding seating in a variety of styles. A combination of chaise lounges for sunning and snoozing, and upright seating for chatting and playing games will maximize the possibilities for your outdoor patio. 

Don’t forget about having plenty of handy places to set your drink and put up your feet. Outdoor ottomans, accent tables, and garden stools can serve dual purpose and look chic and stylish wherever you put them. 

Happy Hour Entertaining

Create a cocktail time destination in your very own backyard with an outdoor bar designed for entertaining. A functional addition to your outdoor dining area, an outdoor bar gives your guests a fun place to hang out while you shake up your famous tropical concoctions. It can also serve as your outdoor patio dining table, buffet space for your larger soirees, and an elevated place for your prettiest plants.

Fireside Chatting

Long summer nights spent around a crackling fire means precious time telling stories with our friends and family. So, whether the primary purpose for your outdoor room is to entertain or relax, a fire pit is always a good idea. An outdoor gas fire pit is an especially user-friendly way to add some flames to your outdoor room, since the propane makes on and off a cinch. Surround it with a couple of Adirondacks -- or scooch your dining benches over, add a place to set down your wine, and voila. 

Get Inspired By the Indoors

Once you have your furniture chosen to fit the function of your outdoor room, now you can add your unique touch through your decor choices. But doing so may be easier than you think -- you can look no further than right inside your own home to get style inspo for your outdoor area. When you mirror your design aesthetic indoors and out, you create cohesion and flow between the spaces. 

Looking to amp up your colors outside? Think about taking your accent colors from inside your home and making them the main attraction outside. So, if your teal accents create a sense of calm indoors, go ahead and splash it all over your outdoor room. A colorful rug is an excellent place to start. 

And, just like your indoor rooms, decorate your outdoor room with cozy pillows, soft throws, and decorative accessories that make it feel as comfy as inside. Add faux greens and blooms in decorative planters for no-fuss color that will instill a sense of zen to your outdoor space. 

Keep It Private

The same way a rug can anchor your look and demarcate your outdoor space, so do ceilings and walls. They also provide privacy and a sense of coziness and intimacy in your space. When it comes to outdoor rooms, think about how you can use umbrellas, tall planters, and even sectional sofas to create boundaries to surround your space. 

Dress Up Your Walls

If your outdoor patio space has a physical wall -- either a fence or the exterior of your home -- don’t pass up the chance to decorate it just as you would your indoor walls. Spruce up your space with signs, mirrors, and artwork in durable materials like metals and woods and textural rattans and wicker that will withstand the elements and add an artsy flair to your look. 

Light Up Your Look

No room is complete without layers of lighting -- and your outdoor room is no exception. You can add mystique and romanticism to your nighttime patio ambiance with string lights, rope lights, and decorative lanterns. Functional lighting like path lights enhance your post-twilight wayfinding and give new layers and dimension to the look of your yard. 

Design Your Dream Outdoor Room

Ready to start styling a dreamy space on your outdoor patio to laze away the summer? Get inspired by shopping the latest trends in outdoor furniture and decor at Pier1. You’ll find outdoor chairs for dining and lounging, cozy outdoor ottomans for kicking up your feet, and all the decor and accessories you need to make your outdoor room feel just as cozy as your indoor rooms. 

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