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How To: 9 Ways to Style Your Coffee Table

Your coffee table is the centerpiece of your living room. So, if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to update your living room look, it just might be as simple as swapping out your coffee table decor. For ideas on how to create a stylish coffee table that is so you -- and is actually functional for your daily life -- keep reading. 

Create a  Grid

Figuring out where to start placing things can feel a little overwhelming. Begin by imagining a grid on your coffee table to create zones. This can help break down the space into manageable chunks. If your coffee table is square, break it down into fourths. For a rectangle or oval, go with thirds. 

Not only will this help you to plot out your design areas, but it will also create symmetry and balance in your design. Remember to leave enough space around the perimeter to set down your glass of wine.

Anchor with a Tray

A tray is a foundational piece for your coffee table decor because it anchors the look, creates a zone, and is a super clever way of arranging small objects into an intentional grouping. Plus, it makes cleaning a snap since you can just pick it up. 

A tray also adds a ton of functionality to your coffee table as a catch-all for remotes, glasses, and phones.

Vary the Scale

When choosing your decorative items for your coffee table, go with a mix of high and low, and large and small items to create interest and textural dimension. A minimalist vase with decorative branches gives height without taking up visual space or blocking views. Stack simple books for a standalone look or to boost up a smaller item. 

Play with Colors

Use the color of your coffee table as the springboard inspiration for your color choices. If your table is light in color, go ahead and pop it up with accent pieces in vibrant and bold colors. A darker-toned table is an excellent backdrop to showcase bright white pieces or glistening metallics. 

For a subtle look, go monochrome. Pair light tones with light woods and deep, rich accents with dark woods.

Go Naturale

Colorful florals or vibrant green botanicals add texture and life to your coffee table -- and the free-flowing organic shape brings an element of wonder to your design. You can keep it as simple as an earthenware crock with a fresh aloe vera plant. Or if you don’t have a green thumb, faux florals and plants are care-free and look just like the real thing! 

Have Fun

Your coffee table is so much more than a showpiece. Make it fun and interactive! Place playful pieces on your coffee table that your guests can pick up and fiddle around with -- like a deck of cards, jacks, or a Rubik’s cube. Or open an art book to your favorite page to invite conversation. 

Consider All Angles

Something to keep in mind when placing your decor pieces on your coffee table is to give it a full 360 view. Walk all the way around it to ensure it views well from all angles. Choose decorative items that don’t have a “backside,” like a picture frame, for example. Everything should look great from any vantage point. 

Keep It Simple

Styling your coffee table should be easy and fun. There is no need to overthink it. If you have one or two statement pieces you absolutely love, go with your gut and let them be the star of the coffee table! 

Tell Your Story

Let your coffee table decor choices tell your personal story. Add personal items that mean something to you and your family or sentimental family heirlooms that have been passed down to you -- like a vintage vase, old leather-bound books, or an antique bowl. If it makes you happy to look at it, put it front and center on your coffee table. 

Light it Up

Candles are a natural fit for coffee table decor. Pillars, lanterns, and votives add shimmery illumination and ambiance to your living room. Choose a singular statement lighting piece or arrange a grouping in varying sizes and heights. LED candles are a worry-free option that provides a flameless flicker all night long.

Find Inspiration for your Coffee Table Decor

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