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How to: Buy a Desk for Your Home Office

By now, many of us have been working from home for well over a year. Doing our best from the dining room table, couch, or other decidedly-not-an-office space. So, if it’s time to invest in a work desk and you’re wondering where to buy a desk that fits all your WFH needs, we’re here to help you figure it out.   

How Will You Use Your Desk? 

Before you start shopping for a work desk, think about how you will be using it during the workday. This will help you determine how to buy a desk that will meet all your WFH needs. Will you be sitting at it all day or only occasionally? Do you need to share it with anyone else? 

If you’ll be camped out there 9-5, or you need to share it with someone else, choose a desk that is roomy enough to hold everything you need to be productive without feeling cramped. 

Where Will Your Desk Be? 

The location of your desk -- and any expectations you have of it after hours -- will also help guide your style choice. If your WFH desk will be in the living room or kitchen, choose one that complements the decor of the rest of your home. A ladder desk or credenza desk are excellent multi-purpose options. They are stylish and chic and keep all your work essentials at your fingertips during the day and tucked away at night. 

Do you need your work desk to double as a table in the living room or vanity in your bedroom? If your desk needs to moonlight as a table, a writing desk is a flexible option that can seamlessly transition throughout the day.  

How Much Space Do You Have? 

Whether you have a little or a lot of space, there are plenty of stylish work desks of all sizes that are both functional and fabulous. 

Stand in the space and think about what the best placement is, taking note of the flow of the room and how you can make the most of natural lighting and other features of the space. Will your desk be tucked into a corner? Or do you only have a small wall space to work with? 

If you have a whole room to work with, you can design your office suite with a desk, bookshelves, printer carts, and file cabinets. However, when space is limited, rest assured you can turn even the tiniest corner of your home into a WFH space you’ll love. Corner desks and floating desks are brilliant space-saving options. 

How Much Surface Space Do You Need? 

Your desk needs to work as hard as you do. Give plenty of thought to how to buy a desk that gives you all the surface space you need -- it’s usually more than we think. 

Do you work from a laptop, or do you have multiple screens? Do you have to spread out papers on your desk? Measure out how much space you’ll need to flow through your workday before you start shopping for your desk. 

Even if your space is tight, there are many clever options out there to give you the room you need. Don’t forget to leave room for your lamp, that cute photo of your pet, and an aromatherapy candle

How Much Storage Do You Need? 

Chances are, you’re going to need some open storage and some closed storage. Open storage is for your books and decorative accessories. Closed storage is for files, office supplies, your printer, and other office essentials. 

A computer desk, executive desk, or storage hutch desk will typically offer both types of storage. However, If you need more storage than your desk offers, add a bookcase with baskets on the bottom shelf to hold the things you want hidden.  

What is Your Budget? 

Don’t think the only way to create a fully functional work-from-home space is to spend a lot of money. When you’re searching for where to buy a desk on a budget, look no further than Pier1. You’ll find a variety of stylish and affordable desks that will help keep you organized and productive that will also look great in your home. 

Types of Work Desks

Now that you’ve looked at your WFH space from every angle, you can start to narrow down your choices and decide how to buy a desk that is right for you. 

Writing desk. If you need a large surface for your laptop or spreading out papers -- and you love a minimalist design -- a writing desk might be the right fit for you. A writing desk is a stylish choice that will look great in any room in your home and can stand in for a table in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Some writing desks are also available as a sit-stand desk. 

Computer desk. You’ll find features like pull-out keyboard drawers, space for a CPU, and cord management on a typical computer desk. Computer desks occupy a larger footprint and are an excellent option if you have a dedicated home office. 

Credenza or hutch desk. This combo desk offers the functionality of a desk and storage in a decorative hutch or credenza. A credenza desk is a beautiful piece of furniture that works well when you need your work desk to complement your living room or dining room decor. 

Corner desk. The ultimate space-saver, a corner desk has a surprising amount of real estate that you can tuck into any corner of any room in your home. It’s super versatile, too, and can double up as a nightstand in your bedroom. 

Floating desk. When space is at an ultimate premium, a floating desk, or wall desk, provides you with shelves and a space to set your laptop without taking up any floor space at all. Great for bedrooms. 

Ladder desk. This is an attractive and convenient option to add a WFH zone and a piece of storage furniture into your home. Ladder desks incorporate a series of shelves above the workspace to create the climbing look of a ladder. 

How to Buy a Quality WFH Desk 

Your workspace is your home within your home for sometimes more than eight hours a day. So look for indications of quality so it will stand up to your daily work life. Solid wood, metal legs, a finished back, and tempered glass are features to look for in a desk that is durable and designed to last.  

Where to Buy a Desk You Love

Ready to start shopping for a work desk? Pier1 offers a complete collection of desks for every style and budget so you can create a WFH zone you love. Make your home office space cozy and stylish by anchoring your space with a soft area rug and adding pops of color on your walls with art that inspires. For your task and ambient lighting needs, we’ve got you covered with gorgeous lamps that double as art. So, start filling your cart with all the office essentials you need for a motivating and inspiring work space at home.