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Artificial Plants - Indoor & Outdoor Plants for Your Home

There’s nothing like vibrant green botanicals and blooming blossoms to breathe new life into your space. But don’t think you have to be a “plant person” to get that look. Or that you have to fuss with watering schedules to keep up your green look going strong. 

Artificial plants are a mainstay in modern decor that can freshen up the look in any room in your home. 

Why We Love Faux Plants and Florals

There are so many reasons to love using artificial plants to accent your indoor and outdoor living spaces. 

First of all, faux plants are so realistic looking, your guests may never know they aren’t the real thing. You may even have to remind yourself not to water them!

Because they don’t need sun, you can set faux plants anywhere in your home or yard to cheer up your space -- not just the sun-splashed areas. 

Love early spring or late fall color on your patio? No need to work around warm temps to place pots of vibrant peonies and dahlias on your front porch. Faux outdoor plants will keep on shining right through the chilly snow and blazing sun. 

Styling our front doors and mantels every season is a thing of joy. And using artificial plants makes it easy to refresh our look with garlands of pine in the winter and sunflowers in the summer, and wreaths for every holiday.  

Hard-to-keep-alive plants don’t have to be just for the botanists anymore. Now orchids and fig trees, and other tricky plants we love, are accessible for everyone to decorate their homes. 

How to Create Stunning Arrangements with Artificial Plants

The best part about artificial plants is that you can use them to spruce up your indoor and outdoor space with our favorite styling secrets to create a worry-free look that’s full of life. 

Size It Up

To create the most natural-looking arrangement, the size and shape of your vase and stems should be proportionate to one another. 

For a smaller arrangement, your artificial plants or flowers should be about 1 ½ times taller than your vase. Larger stems and faux plants can be up to 3 times taller than the vase. 

Also, the width of your arrangement should be twice the width of your vase. 

Keep It Simple + Organic

If you’re new to making your own arrangements with artificial plants, choose one plant or flower you love and let it be the star of the show. But if you’re ready to start mixing and matching colors, shapes, and textures -- by all means, have fun! 

As you add your blooms, stems, and greenery, separate the leaves and fluff everything up, so it looks fresh and vibrant. Bend some of the stems, fiddle around with the petals and leaves so they’re not all facing the same direction. They should look like you just happened upon them in nature. Perfectly imperfect. 

Even if you’re using all the same artificial plants, cut them so they are in varying heights to create visual interest and a more natural look. 

Just like you would with a fresh flower arrangement, remove the bottom leaves from the stems that would go below the vase line. 

Treat Them Like the Real Deal

When you fill your patio with artificial outdoor plants, you can revel in their beauty and none of the work. To make them look even more life-like and complement your colorful decor, go ahead and place them in your favorite planters and add touches of nature. 

For instance, you can pot blooming botanicals in real potting soil. Or surround the base of an artificial tree with craft moss. Or add rocks to a pot of succulents. 

If you’re arranging artificial stems in a clear vase or mason jar, put real water in the vase. You can even add some real branches.  

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