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Now that we’ve perfected working and schooling from home, why not staycation from home? Planning a fun summer staycation right in your own home and backyard can be just as relaxing as getting away. These fun staycation ideas for kicking back in your own digs will help you create family memories to last a lifetime without ever boarding a plane. 


First rule of staycation at home, step away from the office. Shut down your laptop, set your phone on the charger, and close your office door. Do whatever you can to flip over the “closed” sign in your family’s work and study spaces for the duration of your staycation. If you need to check your work phone and emails, limit it to a specific time so you can actually enjoy the effects of being away from your work and school responsibilities. 

Create an Outdoor Cinema

Watch a movie right in your own backyard by creating an extra special outdoor cinema. 

  • Snack on homemade popcorn, your family’s favorite concession stand confections, and pitchers of lemonade.  
  • Rained out? No problem. Find fun tips for creating a cozy movie night at home -- indoors. 

Play Games

Game night is a simple and fun staycation idea the whole family will love. 

  • Let everyone choose their favorite game -- and throw in a few new ones to learn and master together. 
  • Try an extra-creative twist on family game night. Make up your own board or card game! Get crafty drawing out your board and let the kids make up the rules. 
  • For an outdoor game night, draw up a full tournament of everyone’s favorite outdoor activities and award silly homemade prizes. 

Read a Book

Devote a whole lazy afternoon to being curled up in a comfy chair getting lost in that book you’ve been meaning to read. Set yourself up with the ultimate book-reading experience with plenty of pillows and blankets nearby for when naptime sneaks up, a cozy cup of tea within reach, and a very pretty reading light

Go To Your Own Spa

A relaxing spa day is never further away than your own bathroom -- and a lovely way to spend your staycation at home. Set yourself up for a day of pampering and feel your cares start to slip away. 

  • Wrap yourself up in a fluffy robe or thick, cozy towels
  • Draw a bath infused with calming aromatherapy bath salts to ease tension and invigorate your senses. 
  • Elevate your spa experience with a full facial routine to heal, nourish, and revitalize your skin. 
  • Lather up with a soothing scented soap and smooth your skin with a natural boucle bath mitt.  
  • Saturate your skin with super moisturizing battery balm in a fresh and lively scent.  

Take a Cooking Class

Who says you have to actually go to Italy to learn to make an authentic Tuscan dish? Take a virtual cooking class in your own home and learn how to make -- well, anything you want! The options are as limitless as the internet. So tie on that cute apron you’ve always wanted a reason to wear, pull out all your pots and pans, and start cooking! 

  • Create a playlist of music to go along with the theme of cuisine you’re learning. 
  • Create a craft cocktail that pairs with your dish. 
  • Get the whole family involved and learn together. 
  • Up your food photog skills and take a quick course on lighting and garnishing your dish. You can post it to IG after your staycation at home is over. 

Plan a Picnic

Whether you venture to a nearby park, your backyard, or living room on a rainy day, a picnic is always a good idea. 

  • Pack a basket full of everyone’s favorite goodies. Sandwiches, salads, chips, cookies -- simple food is best -- and is exactly what everyone is expecting. 
  • Spread out a cute checkered tablecloth and colorful, worry-free outdoor dinnerware
  • Bring yard games or a simple football or baseball to toss around. 


Find More Staycation Ideas

The most important part of your staycation is taking time to recharge and spend quality time with the people you love. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you can have right in your own home without ever having to travel outside your zip code. Pier1 has everything you need to create a fun staycation at home the whole family will enjoy. Start planning your staycation now. 


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